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Alley Kat Hat Co

Discussion in 'Hats' started by pjt113, Oct 28, 2012.

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  2. Late to the party, but what he said! ^^^
  3. RJR

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  4. AbbaDatDeHat

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    This hat is stunning!! It reminds me of the gorgeous White Dobbs Cross Country won by another lounge member, arggh, back sometime. It looks like ice cream and soft as a horse’s nose! Marvelous!! Tim. Kudos⭐️
  5. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Anybody that mics a brim is my kinda guy! Hand stitch the brim trim too! Over the top!! Kudos⭐️ Be well. Bowen
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  6. BOWEN, good to see you found your way, to the Lounge. You'll get that Dobbs 40, soon, I have pictures, of it, I'll help you do a post when your ready to tackle it. Got your messages. Thank you. Have a blessed day!
  7. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Thanks man. Whenever they let me. Or i could do the Avatar thing. Ha. Be well. Bowen
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  8. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Yup. Avatar thing worked. Your forty will be in good company! Ha. Meet it’s twin and offspring! Be well. Bowen
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  9. That is a nice compliment Bowen, thanks!
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  10. Gunloader55

    Gunloader55 Familiar Face

    Tim I’m a friend of Bowen that’s told me about your hats, I would like to talk to you about making a 1/4.
  11. Absolutely, it would be my pleasure to craft, that special hat for you. Please, send me an email, alleykathatter@ptd.net

    Bowen holds my cell number, you can also text me.

    My number is available, to anyone who asks for it. I'm a text away, its my life. I'm open for business, 24-7

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  12. Tim will take very good care of your Hat Desires! Just something about how he does everything by hand instead of a machine sets his hats a cut above some others and of course, Tim has an "eye" for the style of hat you would want made. You can't go wrong!
  13. Merry Christmas my friend, may God bless you and yours always!
  14. Yes indeed!
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  15. Gunloader55

    Gunloader55 Familiar Face

    I also think your work is fantastic,and look forward too working together in the new year.
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  16. Merry Christmas Cindy, may God bless you and yours also, and always!

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  17. Love looking through these photos, Tim is such a good dude and his work is amazing. Glad I own one of his firsts!
  18. I sent you a PM., and my cell number. We can talk further. Thank you

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  19. I had a desire to make a hat, that I had seen on line, when I was looking for vintage inspiration, and it is, in photo 1.

    This hat size 7-1/2 which, I built for inventory, is Winchester Staple Rabbit, in Silverbelly. I gave it a tight, raw, 5/8 curl.

    Staple hare, has been a topic recently, on another thread, but as you can see, this hat "boned up" very well, and took a serious liking to being pounced. I note this for you all, because I saw bunny felt, take some hits recently on another thread.

    This staple hare felt product takes some preperation; and a few hours of it, to ready it, to pounce. The question is how do you get this rabbit felt to "bone up"...? I had to make several, and ruin several bodies to find out.

    The amount of time that I have in this build is upward to 35 hrs. I know in my old life, a week in most jobs, paid you for what they felt you were worth; be it minimum wage or slightly higher based on skill. So for me, here and now, I'm working for what equates to minimum wage in PA. This is my job, it is my source of income. I say all that, to lead to this:

    Pricing - I noticed recently, a list of how guys are priced, I don't think I made that list of hatmakers. I know it's a confusing issue, because we all pay the same prices for our supplies, these sources don't discount.

    I build a hat, by hand, open crown. I hand pounce, I hand stitch the brim binding, needle and thread. It is done in one continuous stitch and it equals about 100 inches of thread. Sweatbands are meticulously installed, by hand.

    (One machine exception, is for closing the brim grosgrain loop)

    I am very competitive and in line, on my pricing. But I am totally open to any inquiries anyone may have regarding my work. And a worthy note, is that over the last 2 and a half years, I dug in real deep to get my product to a very high standard of excellence, in workmanship. Now I've include branding of premium Sheepskin, and a liner project near completion.

    I'm open for business, and hope to serve you in 2018.

    Thanks for the look, the read and a like, if so inclined.

    Best Regards,


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  20. I'd like to show you, a dress weight, Staple Rabbit, Winchester felt. This went to an old lounger, who don't come around here much anymore. Color is granite with truest of true, vintage grosgrain that I've sourced over the years.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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