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Alley Kat Hat Co

Discussion in 'Hats' started by pjt113, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Tim, do you have a link to your instagram?

    Googling "instagram Alley Kat Hat Co" produces...interesting...results.

    I did bookmark it, however. :eek:
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  2. Yes Sir.
    I'm working on a portfolio. And I'm trying to open the door wider as a hatter.

    A name was needed....

    It took a little thinking but Alley Kat Hat Co seems quite appropriate for me!

    I'll bring more to the table soon.
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  3. Tim, to be clear, I was unable to find your Instagram site. The search results I alluded to led me down a completely different, but still "stimulating" path.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours
  4. I can only imagine...
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  5. Hi guys..


    That is my Instagram user name.

    And although Cane will always have creations to post; the time has come to coin a name for myself and the product as a hat company. I am working toward full time business.

    How does that hat company name sound to you all?

    Liners will be quite interesting as well.

    Thank you all.
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  6. Got it, now! Thanks, Tim.

    But I think I'll check that other one occasionally, too...
  7. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

  8. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to look.....I believe I have seen where you are going!! lol...
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  9. Working today on getting all the pictures I can off my computer and into the Instagram site.

    Kool Kat out for the day!
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  10. As it is prone to do for kool kats.
  11. guess I gotta join Instagram now...
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  12. Yeah, well, it wasn't private yesterday...☹️
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  13. Gabe Long

    Gabe Long One of the Regulars

    Hello all. We have a thread for Cane's Creations but Tim has officially rebranded as Alley Kat Hat Co! New liners with the logo are incoming. I just received this lovely hand crafted chapeau. First pic is from Tim: [​IMG]

    Felt: Beaver, bone color.
    Ribbon: 3/8
    Crown: 6" open
    Brim: 2 5/8"

    It's a beauty. I dropped the back into a c-crown for a more severe rake. The beaver felt is putty. It's got a great hand and is pillow soft. The felt is thin and pliable and I'm in love. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. Gabe Long

    Gabe Long One of the Regulars

    Here's the line up. A rabbit felt mid ribbon in pecan and the beaver thin ribbon in bone. Find Tim on Instagram: alleykathatco [​IMG]
  15. Very nice Gabe.
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  16. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    +1,Tim makes fine hats,my two are favorites.
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  17. shrek

    shrek Familiar Face

    Nice looking hat indeed!
  18. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito A-List Customer

    Nice hat Gabe. Great to finally put a face to the hat that I have been watching unfold on Instagram. My black cherry from Tim is on the block and is a couple weeks out at this point.
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  19. ChicagoWayVito

    ChicagoWayVito A-List Customer

    Screen grab from Instagram of my hat on the block. This is the tribute hat to my mother-in-law who passed away last month. Something that when I wear will remind me of the kind person that she was.

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