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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Tefouane, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    Hi there !
    I want to order an alpha jacket...
    What size should I choose ?
    I'm 186 cm and 80 kg.
    My USA G1 is a 42 T but there is not R or T option for alpha jackets...
    I've tried a SCHOTT CWU in a shop and the xl size fits ok. Are ALPHA & SCHOTT same sizing ?
    Should i choose L or XL ?
    Thanks for your help !
  2. Alpha Industries' phone number in Maryville, TN is 865.577.5399. Call them and ask for their recommendation. Better yet, since you live in France, let me call on Monday and see what I can find out; then I'll respond here what I learn. My own experience is that they run a little smaller than normal. Hope this helps.


    I mean a little smaller than normal L or XL sizing...not necessarily smaller than a Schott. I wear about a size 42-44 jacket now and my Alpha L is a little tight now. If I were buying again, I'd buy the XL. Also, are you sure you want the CWU-45 (winter weight) as opposed to the CWU-36? Both are quite warm, it's my thought that the heavier insulation in the CWU-45 makes me look like the Michelin tire man. Even in the cockpit of an F-4G Wild Weasel at altitude, the lighter Nomex version was plenty warm!
  3. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    Thanks a lot for your nice help...

    luvthatlulu !!!
    Will wait for your news before ordering.
    I will choose CWU-36 or cwu-45, I don't know yet...
    I live in France, and weather is cold here ! ;O)
    Thanks again for your help, and read you soon.
    Take care.
  4. Incidentally...

    Could you quickly give me your measurements in inches? I could do the math; but, it's Sunday AM here...the martinis were particularly good to me last night...you understand? Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    Ahhhhh !

    I understand ! I like white martini too.
    But drink with moderation, of course...
    My height is 6'10 ft
    My weight is 176'37 lbs
    sleeves are 23'63 in
    chest is 40'94 in
    Hope it can helps....
  6. OK, just for clarification

    Your height, as I read this, is 6 foot 10 inches...or just over 6 feet by .1 foot?
    Your weight, as I read this, is 176.37 lbs?
    Sleeves are 23.63 inches?
    Chest is 40.94 inches?

    Correct me if I'm wrong...I'll be fixing a Bloody Mary (hair of the dog, you know) while I wait for your response.
  7. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars


    I've some problems with conversion charts....
    I'm sorry but I've used : http://convert.french-property.co.uk/
    In centimeters and kilogramms :
    Height : 186 centimeters
    Weight : 80 kilograms
    Sleeves : 61 centimeters
    Chest : 104 centimeters.....
    Will let you convert these numbers, so I'm afraid to do a mistake....
    You can do it yesterday when the Martini's bottle will be empty ! lol
  8. OK, assez loyalement !
  9. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars


    have a nice and good night :cheers1:
  10. OK, I've done the calculations. You were right on your numbers. You should be either a size Large or size Extra Large, depending only on how fitted you want this jacket to be. I will confirm this with Alpha Industries when I call, so be thinking about that before you make your final decision.

    Not the Lulu ;)

    OK, j'ai fait les calculs. Vous aviez raison sur vos nombres. Vous devriez ?™tre une taille grande ou classer ultra-large, d?©pendant seulement de la fa?ßon dont adapt?© te vouloir que cette veste soit. Je confirmerai ceci avec des industries d'alpha quand j'appelle, ainsi pense ?† cela avant que vous prenniez votre d?©cision finale.

    Pas le Lulu :eusa_clap
  11. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    euh !

    I think I will choose the normal fitting because I don't like short wearing as originals... I feel not cumfortable with short fitting. But not baggy fitting !!! Horror ! I'm not 50' cents ! lol:eek:
  12. Tefouane-

    That last transmission was a little garbled...say again? Or, as we say in East Tennessee, "Say whut?"

    I think what you're trying to say is that you want room for ease of movement -- so definitely go with the XL, especially if you choose the CWU-45 because of the extra thick insulation. As far as length, I don't think there are any options, but I'll check tomorrow. These things are made to wear over a flightsuit, and a little short or a little long one way or another didn't concern the USAF! We'll see.

    Good night!

    Not the Lulu
  13. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    U are right...

    Sorry about my pooor level in english !
    I want to say that I want to be able to put my hand in my pockets and not feeling like wearing an armor....
    Concerning the color , I think sage green is the right one (for usn pilots ) ...
    Concerning 50' cents = fifty cents (it's a singer who make rap songs and he wear very baggy clothes, I 'm right ?)
  14. Pour ce qui concerne « 50 cents »…

    Vous avez raison. Il a si tort. :eusa_doh:
  15. HDRnR

    HDRnR A-List Customer

    They do tend to run small, I ended up giving mine to my brother who is a size smaller than me.
  16. Hello, HDRnR!

    You should call Alpha Industries, too. They used to sell direct to the public --I assume they still do -- cheap! Don't tell them I said that, though. We'll both know maybe tomorrow. We "Familar (sic) Face"'s gotta stick together!
  17. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

  18. I can tell you that that seems to be much more than I ever paid for one! I think I paid $30 -$40. The Seller has gone into great details, but he's in California--not Knoxville, TN--and is probably trying to make a buck himself (what a concept)! Maybe they've gone up, though. Just hold on until tomorrow and we'll know for sure.
  19. Tefouane

    Tefouane One of the Regulars

    Ok !

    So will wait for good news from you ....
    Here it's 00.00 pm , and should have to work at 07.00 am so .... hurry to my bed !
    Very nice to meet you luvthatlulu (what a curious ID ! lol)
    Read you tomorrow !
  20. greyhound68

    greyhound68 A-List Customer

    I have one and it is a large fits me fine but I am only 5 ft 10 inches. I would think for the length one would have to go to an extra large.

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