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Antique shop find: Clear Beaver Stetson fedora

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Dinerman, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    We were on the road up around the MD/ PA border today in search for some texas hots and a buffalo farm.
    We hit an antique shop on the way. Lots of hats (2 derbies, 2 panamas, 3 boaters, 1 top hat), most were way overpriced.
    Then I found this.
    It's a 7X clear beaver stetson mode edge.
    It has a 2-3/4 inch brim, and a 1-3/4" ribbon. It has a bit of stiffness to the felt, probably due to the denseness of it. It's very smooth.
    I've never seen "mode edge" stamped this way.

    It was hiding inside a stetson travel hatbox. The hatbox is covered in a fuzzy cloth material, and has coth binding on the edges. There is a handle and an elastic strap.






  2. mingoslim

    mingoslim Practically Family

    I want to know how you do it?

    Is it your clean living . . . a special diet . . . your charm and good looks? How do you find the great hats you always seem to come up with?

    I envy you . . . but in a good way! Keep it up!
  3. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    This one was sheer luck. It was inside the closed hatbox under a table, just barely sticking out from under the tablecloth.
  4. monsieur dinerman, you have some of the most remarkable good fortune i've come across. Your area seems to be as teeming as the midwest . . .

    I thought i was lucky with my playboy/whippet/stratoliner find. man, you show me up big time in the find stakes.


    btw toronto is teeming with great vintage too . . . at least it was 3 years ago.
  5. jimmy the lid

    jimmy the lid I'll Lock Up

    What an amazing hat -- just about like winning the lottery!!! D-man, you've definitely got some good hat mojo working for you. When you opened the lid of that box and realized what you had found, you must have just about fainted...:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap

  6. dare one ask what it cost?

  7. M_Jones

    M_Jones One of the Regulars

    I'm with everyone else. You must have something. I spent all day looking around here for a hat and came up empty. I did find a "brown crest-Styled by Brown McDonald" fedora but it had moth damage and cost too much.

    Anyway good snatch Dinerman. It looks like a winner. :eusa_clap
  8. Hemingway Jones

    Hemingway Jones I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I think it's cool that it is from a hat shop from Atlantic City of the boardwalk. It brings back memories of my youth. ;)

    That is one super clean and beautiful hat. Amazing find. Enjoy!
  9. I'm not that far away from you Dinerman(I'm outside Harrisburg). Where about was 1) that shop and 2) the buffalo farm. BTW, nice find.
  10. WOW! What a fantastic hat. That hat is truly a treasure. Pure Beaver fedora. Congratulations on such a great find. Sign me up to go on fedora/hat safari with you:D
  11. Lee Lynch

    Lee Lynch One of the Regulars

    Grats, Dinerman! That is really nice!
  12. Cacklewack

    Cacklewack One of the Regulars

    Dinerman is my hat-finding idol.

  13. Man, that is walking into one sweet lid.
  14. Wow Dinerman, that is one handsome lid! I know, I'm a girl, what the heck to I know about hats. Well, I know quality and style when I see it, and that hat's got both. Besides, I am Hemingway Jone's roommate (for a few more months :() so I've had a few lessons on identifying and critiquing hats.
    Well, it's a very beautiful (sorry, threw in a girlie word) hat, and I'm sure it will look great on. Congrats:eusa_clap
  15. Yeah, dare one? I, too, wanna know.
  16. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    Thanks for all the kind words.

    For those who want to know: It was just under 30 bucks.
  17. Nathan Flowers

    Nathan Flowers Head Bartender Staff Member

    One of the finest I've seen. Huzzah!
  18. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    That hat looks to be from the late 1930's -early 1940's. I wouldn't be suprised if it sold for more than 30.00 back then! That is one FINE hat.

  19. cooncatbob

    cooncatbob Practically Family

    Your going to need a new handle Dman, like the hat finder of Mr Lucky. lol
    Every time I find a nice one on e-bay the High Rollers swoop in and blow me away. :mad: .Bob

    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Dman, YOU are the MAN!! Damn good find:eusa_clap :eusa_clap
    That is a most beautiful color. I believe most of my mode edges are stamped in the same way.

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