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Any modelers on Fedora Lounge?

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by MikeBravo, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. There have been a few mentions of the plastic modeling hobby on FL

    Time to start a thread on plastic modelling, though it can include resin and other media. It doesn't have to be only planes, cars or military either. Modellers of figures may be interested too.

    Latest projects, hits and tips, anything you want
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  2. Hey Mike, I went and stuck one in the WWII section for the WWII aircraft. I'll put some of the other stuff I build over here.
  3. Cool!

    I wan't sure where to start it.

    I thought Display Case would get a bit more traffic. Hopefully a few of the ladies may be interested as well

    PS That P47 is magnificent. Inspirational even
  4. Sometimes- and mainly ex-builder here, specializing in aircraft, warships, railroad equipment and vehicles from film/television, both paper and plastic media.

    Darn hand tremors... I just wish they'd settle down long enough to finish my pair of "Atomic Bomber" B-29s.
  5. I am just getting back into it after being an avid builder when I was a kid.

    Something simple is for a first task, an Airfix 1:72 Spitfire IXc. Did plenty of WWII planes in the 70s.

    Have developed a love for early Jeeps which is my next job, then a little 1:35 Schwimwagen I picked up cheap. Planes in 1:72 though interested in 1:48 as well

    Diorama wise, jeeps will be a recurring theme. Never did dioramas before
  6. Years ago I had a large model of a Fokker VII Trimotor. It was out of the box once. I saw the incredible amount of instructions involved and gave up before I even started. :eek: I may have it in storage in my ex's garage still. Unless, of course, she threw it out.


    The high rafter in my house would be a great place to hang a wide wingspan aeroplane!

    PS: I recently found an unopened model at a local thrift store. One of those japanese gundam robot ships. My oldest is learning japanese and into all the shows and movies he can find. The instructions for the model are entirely in kanji (?) and he's completely frustrated. Hah!
  7. Model Railroading


    I enjoy the many facets of model railraoding. All of the research required eventually leads you to other interest like vintage clothing, music, and history. Unlike a lot of model railroaders I usually prefer to scratchbuild in sytrene.
  8. Estes Rockets. Silly, I know.

    My children are just old enough so I can say the rockets are theirs. :eek:


    And a little rowing skiff.
  9. Thanks Mike. I think you're right putting it in here. The other thread can be for the WWII aircraft. This one is for everything else.
  10. Hey Brasshat. That's a fantastic setup. I've always known that the railroad guys were the experts in the diorama world.

    I really like that row boat, rumblefish. That's a subject you rarely see. It may be a simple subject but it says alot. It only goes to show you that a great model doesn't have to be a complex thing.
  11. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My dear Mom (bless her heart) saved all of my model cars when I left home in the mid-seventies. She went to a grocery store and got wine boxes, she then delicately wrapped each model car in tissue paper and carefully inserted each in their own slot of the wine boxes and taped 'em up. Thirty-five years later, I still have all of my model cars dating to the 1960's - all in perfect shape, thanks to dear old Mom! I've got no place to display them though, so those original wine boxes, stored in a closet are a reminder of my Mom's loving kindness to me three decades ago.

    (I should say, the collection includes some airplanes too that once hung from my bedroom ceiling.)

    -dixon cannon
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  12. Dixon, you're one way lucky dude. Some of my original models may not have looked so good. When my father saw them getting a bit funky looking, he tossed them. When I left New York after dental school and went to Charleston AFB, he threw the rest of them out. I started rebuilding stuff there until I went to Hawaii and had to give them away because I couldn't ship them. I guess you could say I'm constantly rebuilding things that got away.
  13. I have a collection of unbuilt out of production kits, going back to the solid wood days.

    The hazard of becoming a professional model maker, I no longer build unless I'm on the clock. (Well, I did rebuild a trashed 1950s Craft Industries Bell X-2 that I need to decal)
  14. Those are the oldest kits I know. Do you have any pictures of them? I just missed those as a kid and I started in about 1956 with some of the first all plastic kits. Believe it or not, my mother used to build those early models and taught me how. some of those old kits were fantastic even if they were only curbside builds with no engines. My all time favorite model kit was realease in 1963. it was a 1/8 scale 32 Ford hot Rod called the Big Deuce, designed by Darryl Starbird. Now it has been re-released and I've had a blast working on them.
  15. I have a few Hawk WWII era solids, Some Comet solids, and a couple of 50s era Strombecker solids.

    Plastic, a lot of rarities, early Hawk, Aurora, "S" Box Revell, ITC, Lindberg, even a couple of Swadar Bell helicopter kits (HSL-1) which are pretty rare.

    I used to want to build them, but left them intact luckily.

    I'll shoot a few pictures of them.
  16. I remember those names. They bring back a lot of great memories. The big problem with collectible kits like those is that if you want them to hold their value, you can't build 'em. [huh]
  17. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    I love model trains. At the moment I can't afford them but I am plotting a set up (a very simple diorama with a hidden loop, I think, probably just running a trolley) and am getting/designing bits of scenery and houses in the meantime as that is more cost-approachable at the moment.

    O-scale is what i am leaning to for ease of doing scenery but HO has so much stuff and N would be more in less space so I am torn.

    I do plot away at a really developed intricate someday project based on the Our Own Vintage Town thread - good thing my honey humors me!
  18. I forgot to tell you that if you would like to make some dioramas, the two guys to look up on the net are Ken Hamilton and John Reid who is Canadian and has a lot of his stuff in Canadian museums. They're both what I like to call the masters of the art. If you have trouble finding them, let me know and I'll put you on the right track.
  19. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

    Go talk to the guy who started IHC is still alive - old Jewish fellow, you two should hit it off.
  20. Soon as Centralia Car Shops releases the last few cars for the '38 20th Century Limited in N-scale and Walthers does more to "port" their HO passenger-car engineering over to N, I'm placing my HO scale NYC "Great Steel Fleet" streamliners on permanent display-tracks and switching to N. (39.25'/scale-mile as opposed to 60.61'/scale-mile will go a long way toward being able to represent more of a complete NYC Division--in HO, a 140-mile division-run would take 8486.8'--over a mile and a half by distance--while N needs 5495', just over a linear mile. Sounds like I need to look at moving into a warehouse!:eek:lol)

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