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Anybody know how to tighten a wind trolley?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Landman, May 4, 2012.

  1. I recently purchased a nice older Stetson Open Road with a wind trolley. The trolley is too long though and flops around on the hat. After looking at it closely the back of the button looks like it snaps into place. I gently tried to open it but didn't get any movement so I stopped. I don't want to do anything to damage the hat because I can live with it like it is but if I could unsnap the back of the button and tighten the cord that would be great. Has anybody tried this? Does anybody know if the back of the button unsnaps or is glued in there? Thanks for your help.
  2. zetwal

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    The button does not have a snap on it. You are supposed to loop the string around the crown once in such a way that sliding the botton takes the slack out of the string.
  3. Yep, it works like a lasso/lariat. There should be a small loop on the button opposite the cord attached to the hat. The cord feeds thru the small loop making a big loop that goes over the crown.
    As you look at the hat's left side, the cord should go to the front of the hat with the button to the rear of the hat.
    The button snugs up by being pushed away from the small loop side, tightening the big loop to the crown. HTH
  4. Yes, I understand how the loop works but once it is looped around the crown it is too big. The snap I was referring to is the back of the button. It looks like if you could remove the back of the button you could remove some length of the cord and snap it back in. It is hard to explain without pictures (that I don't have right now) but the back of the button is black with a small hole in it. It fits inside of the back of the button and looks like it holds the end of the cord in the button. It also looks like it holds the fabric on the front of the button in place. I'll try and take some pictures later. Thanks.
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  5. Yes, that is how the button works to attach the loop & the cord but you tighten the cord against the crown by sliding the button rearward.
    Here are shots of Campdrafts with the button slid back to snug up
  6. Aureliano

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    If the cord is is still too long after doing what gtdean suggested:
    Undo the stitching under the ribbon to release the wind cord. Trim the cord to desire length. Sew anew.
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  7. gtdean, the problem is when I slide it back to adjust it to the crown it just slides right back. Here are a few quick pictures I took.

    A picture from the top showing the loose cord.


    A close up of the front of the button.


    A close up of the rear of the button. It looks like to me this black part might snap out and I would be able to slightly shorten the cord. I would rather not have to shorten it from the other end. What I'm trying to find out is if this black part is glued in or snaps in. Thanks everybody for your help.

  8. Thanks Chepstow. I took a look at that earlier and couldn't find my answer. Great thread though if you want to make one from scratch.
  9. Right, the button is 2 piece & can be separated & then pressed back together. That is how you replace the fabric cover.
    Sounds like there is not enough friction on the small loop to hold snug against the crown.
    Your cord may just be too slick.
    I'd pull the loop apart, make a sheep's head with the small loop & thread the cord thru that to see if it will hold snug.
  10. Thanks gtdean. Before taking it apart I decided to try one last thing. Using my fingers I got only the cord slightly wet with warm water and pulled it into place. It is holding for now while it is drying. If it will stay in place like that I'd rather keep the extra length on the cord. I'll just have to wait and see. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks everybody.
  11. I just wanted to let you know that wetting the cord with warm water, pulling it tight and letting it dry cured the problem. The wind trolley is now staying snugged up to the crown. Thanks everybody for your suggestions.

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