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Anyone with black Aero Highwayman?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Faisalha9159, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. I have seen a few people on here who own black Aero Highwaymans. I am seriously considering buying one.

    Just a few questions I had;

    1. Is the FQHH is thick??
    2. Is the jacket a shiny black?

    Appreciated fellas.
  2. Hello-

    I purchased an Aero Highway this season. Yes, the hides are think and heavy, and yes they start off with a semi gloss sheen. Over time the sheen with dull, and the hide will soften, but it will always be heavy.

    I've owned a couple of FQHH jackets. I loved them both, but the one I purchased last year had a much thinner hide than the first one I owned. I asked Mark Moye about this, and he indicated that some hides are thicker than others. If I had my choice, I would try to obtain a FQHH jacket in a thin hide. Mark had some fantastic mid-weight FQHH in brown last year, but I think it's all gone. When you make your order, you might want to ask the factory if they can use a lighter weight hide.

    BTW, make sure the get the bi-swing back - it makes the jacket much more comfortable. Also, check into the different hardware finishes. My first jacket had a very attractive raw brass zipper that I really liked, but the new zippers are coated, and IMO, aren't as attractive. Ask Amanda if you can have nickel hardware intstalled.

    I hope this helps,
  3. Hey thanks a lot for your reply. I`ll remember that about zipper- if she has any with her.

    About the shine on the jacket, I want a jacket that would remain very shiny as I like that. As well as that I prefer my leathers and horsehides very very thick- do you see any disadvantage in that? Thin leather just doesn`t seem right to me.

    I hope the one they make me turns out to be a very thick FQHH.

    Any other tips?

    Oh yeah...do u have any pics?
  4. I have one that's about 6 years old.


    rest of the pics here: hwyman

    It's made of extremely thick HH, around 4.5+ oz, if I had to guess. My brown long HB is noticeably lighter but still substantial. The leather has broken in very nicely with a good deal of creasing and graining at the wear points. It still retains a good amount of shine as you can sort of tell by the pics. However there are numerous lighter areas where the finish has worn to a lighter dull color. This seems quite in character with vintage HH jackets I have seen and owned.

    Aero is quite accommodating and I'm sure if you conveyed your preferences they would do their best to satisfy you. A few years back I heard that every once in a while they would receive an extra heavy batch of FQHH. I think that my Highwayman might have been made from such a batch as it is heavier than other Aero FQHH jackets that I have handled (admittedly numbering only around 10 or so of varying colors).
  5. WOW......pics are much appreciated and that`s a fine looking jacket.

    I guess you were lucky that they had that extra heavy batch of FQHH available. I have spoken to Amanda on a couple of occasions and she stated that the horsehide they had was about 4oz. Ideally I would like 4.5oz or even more.

    I have a slim build so that jacket won`t be too heavy on me, even if I went for a very heavy hide. I was also sent some samples of all the HH that was available at Aero, and to be honest they didn`t seem that thick. I was then told that the samples were scrap and that the jacket when finished would probably be made from a better thicker part of the hide. It`s more than likely I will place my order in the following week. Being from England, I hope there isn`t much fuss with sending the finished jacket to my house.

    But once again thanks for the great pictures.

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