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Applique Love?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Lady Day, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Hello all.

    I'm new to these forums, but have been sticking my nose in on many a post. Ive noticed a lot of you Ladies make your own clothes. I am one of those gals as well. My mother was a professional seamstress, and I have inherited all of her goodies.

    I was going through her old stuff (Im not even gonna get in on all her 40s and 50s patterns) and found some fabulous old appliques. Not 'Little House on the Prairie' old, but they have been around a while. I have to tell you, I get more compliments on those things. I put them around the collar of a drab big button jacket that I thrifted (Im one of them too ;) ) and it punched the jacket right up.

    Anyone else come a cross a lacy treasure? Where did you use it? Is there anyone out there with the same love of appliqu?© as me?

    Happy Posting


    here are some good sites I found for them



  2. I wasn't really into the applique thing but, recently, I've been kind of getting into everything. I saw some beautiful lacy items I was thinking of adding on to some newer dresses. As I'm getting older and really getting into owning my style, if you know what I mean, I'm experimenting with all kinds of things.
  3. Lady Day

    I wanted to PM you but I forgot that option doesn't appear until you've posted more, I'd love to chat with you.
  4. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender


    You can eMail me


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