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Art Deco Remodelin' Help! Please :)

Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by Belladonna_dea, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

    I was just wondering if any of you have taken on re-doing a room or house into a vintage look (any year really, although I've never met someone who has re-done their decor back to the 1970's ;)) I'm currently working on our bathroom and have found push button light switches and art deco light switch push button plates.... Do any of you know some great old pictures that could help with this? I'm more curious about the inside of the bathtub. I was impressed with how many regular Home Depot type places have vintage fixtures still.
    Post pics please! :)
  2. [​IMG]

    I'll find some more for you. Lots of glass, black and white tiles, chrome, mmmmm...i love the idea of an art deco bathroom!
  3. [​IMG]

    I love this colour green! A more modest look, but very lovely nonetheless.
  4. OH MY GOODNESS I cannot look at this, our bathroom the same shade of green as this , the orignal one from when the house was built in 1953, about 1965 Dad dropped his shving mug into the basin and crack it, slowly over the years this crack been getting biggar now it almost from one side to the other, hw will not replace it unless he can get a new one of just the same shade.
    This is a ongoing familly dispute/ debate.

    Looking at this photo the basin and tops are just the same .
  5. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

    This is great thanks! I read that black and green was super popular during the 1930's. I love Scarlett Johannson's bathroom in Black Dahlia. My sink from Home Depot is almost identical but white. I also read during the 20s and 30s white became more popular because it showed dirt and therefore germs so it made the bathroom more 'clean'. Neat. The mirror I want looks identical to the way that one is hung! I can't wait to be done with it.
  6. It sounds lovely, you will have to post pics!
  7. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

    Thanks! I will.... if I can ever figure out how too!
  8. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

  9. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

    wow those are nice, and look expensive!
  10. R.G. White

    R.G. White One of the Regulars

    Yes, but it gives you an idea of different color schemes and such. :)
  11. I just did a 1950s kitchen for a client and am doing an Art Deco style Bedroom as I write. P.M. me if I can help with anything. An idea that I always use is very wise thing, I feel, is first invest (or in my case, look at, as I already have a few) in some home decorating magazines from that era.
    What I look at is, Better Homes, The American Home or Sunset (a big list, but you get the reasoning) for some great ideas. Good Luck!
  12. Quite a few of the pics look quite "over the top". I suggest you find as many films as you can of the 1930's that have scenes shot in the bathroom. It might give you some ideas; however, this site will probably lead you to some helpful links and ideas and this site has vintage Lino & wallpaper. Very hard to find.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2011
  13. Great links Chas - thank you! We're going to be building our new bathroom from scratch and are hoping to have it in the Art Deco style - luckily we have found some suppliers here that carry Art Deco style bathroom sets - it's the other aspects of it that will need some thought - lighting, tiles, mirrors etc. - these links have given me lots of inspiration!!!!!!
  14. You are most welcome! Looking forward to seeing the pics posted when you two are done doing the work. I'm moving to Melbourne this month and once I get settled where I expect to be long-term I think I'm going to go with a heavily Hawaiian-influenced motif.
  15. Belladonna_dea

    Belladonna_dea Familiar Face

    Thanks ya'll! I did think of watching as many films as I could on the era. In some ways the 30's and 40's can blend together a bit. I found this website that is awesome! http://www.vintageplumbing.com/hallmack.html They specialize in the contraptions that seemed almost 'futuristic' such as hidden bathroom scales in the wall and a towel rack that pulls out when you need it and goes back into the wall when you don't. I came across a forum that was talking about the old razor resevoirs in medicine cabinets. My old house I grew up in that was built in the late 1950's had one of those; the razors just got stuck in between the walls. There is a historic side of town that I've visited and was lucky enough to get to see all the bathrooms from the 1930's that were original to the house. Everything was tile to the middle of the wall and each had their own color scheme. One was cobalt blue and yellow if I remember correctly, Seems another was green and black and another was a mustard and maroon. I think the other may have been pink and maroon. I've also become obsessed with researching companies that still make period bathroom products such as Cashmere bouquet and different pomades. I have printed out old labels and put them on new products so I can use them but they still look old. This is exhausting and I still don't feel I've scratched the surface! It's a fun obsessive past time for me anyhow :)
  16. deco_droid

    deco_droid New in Town

    Wow, I would love to do something like that, but at the moment we are in a "new" home and it just wouldn't fit. Someday, we will move into an old tudor style or something from the 30s. I actually found a 1930s art deco house for sale years ago with walls made from steel and concrete. It was great, but just a little too "out there" and my wife wouldn't go for it...

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