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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    Chances are the seller has no knowledge about vintage hats. I’d give him/her a pass on that. But if you feel they should have disclosed more information you could send them a message stating the issues with the hat. Tell them while you really like the hat you wouldn’t have bid that high if the true condition was known. The seller has 100% positive feedback so he/she are probably pretty honest in business dealings.

    No matter what I would keep the hat and have the sweatband replaced.
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  2. Well, in that case, thank you for outbidding me by $1.00.

    And yeah, replace the sweat and don't sweat the nibbles.

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  3. Morgoroth

    Morgoroth New in Town

    I have a woolrich cap I really like, but it's gotten a tad tight.

    Is there a way to stretch it without any special equipment?

    Should I wet it first?

    Also, if anyone has suggestions on good places to get newsboys of good quality without breaking the bank, I'd love the heads up.

  4. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

    If it has just become snug over time,I'd think that a hat jack would correct the problem.I wouldn't wet it first.

    Take a look at Hat People and B!Wear websites.Great design and quality reasonably priced.
  5. I have a Hat People full-cut that I love, so I can vouche for them.
  6. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    Is there a thread for English or United Kingdom hats?
  7. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    Never mind. Just found "The Great British Hat Makers" thread.
  8. Yes that's right, I guess I just kinda felt that I'd already paid for something that I didn't received. Wasn't sure about putting more money into it or cut my losses. Now I'm just wondering how long I can go with the current (separating) sweatband before it falls out, or if its useful life could be lengthened somehow. Thanks for the reply.
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  9. Thanks for your reply M Hatman, I needed to hear this. You are right, it's different than anything else that I own and it looks and feels nice. Cheers, D
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  10. Seriously Frunobulax? You're just messing with me right? Ooops haha
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  11. Thanks Bill, excellent suggestion, I took your advice and messaged the seller. I was nice about it, just pointed out the flaws, no accusations or anything, shared the pictures and let them know I like the hat but considering asking them to take it back. The seller admitted to having a lack of knowledge about hats and offered a partial refund of $30 for the cost of the sweatband which I gladly accepted. It was a neighborly thing to do which makes me feel much better about owning the hat as well as having bought it from this seller! So this story has a mutually happy ending, thank you!! :):):) Best, D
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  12. Yep. Nope. So it goes.

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  13. If you're handy you can replace the sweat yourself. I've done a few, and they come out fine, if not perfect. But if you take your time to get the feel of what you are doing, you'll save money, as well as having the satisfaction of having done it yourself, which is important to me.
  14. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  15. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    Win Win
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  16. The funny thing about it was, my final bid was a total accident, a slip of the keyboard, I was trying to bid something like $65 but it went in as $655! I'm so lucky you didn't bid more!
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  17. Thanks for the encouragement! I know what you mean, now that you've put it that way, I'll probably be haunted by it if I don't do it myself! Projects are piling up though. Most of the sweatband is still intact. I conditioned it with Bick 4 last night to see if that does anything. I can probably get by awhile as is, do you think it would be a waste of time trying to repair it? Here's a pic... https://photos.app.goo.gl/JkrbV7QNrB1e4Lkk2
  18. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    Negative. Pre-merger Mallory hats are pretty rare in your size and their felts are amazing, IMO.
    You'll be the only one to know the sweat has been replaced. If you want to wear it as is for awhile, back that sweat with some good double sided tape.
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  19. LOL I did that once. Missed hitting the decimal point and bid something like $13,000 on a hat. Fortunately, it only went to $85.00.

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  20. Thanks for the suggestion, that's what I meant by repair, I should have said mending it or something other than replacing the sweatband. Double-sided tape might add enough support to keep it going for awhile longer as is (with fingers crossed) but if not, I'll replace the sweat. Interestingly, the Bick 4 caused it to swell a bit making the opening a bit more prounounced. I haven't really tried wearing it yet, been waiting to steam shape after I get the sweatband situation squared away. Any other suggestions? Any particular brand of double sided tape?
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