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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Oh yes...the post about adding the two measurements and then dividing by 2...it is accurate indeed.
  2. I'm in the same boat. I didn't know what a hat was supposed to fit like until I found a 7-1/2 LO or two. I've had mixed success stretching to a LO, but it doesn't keep me from wearing one of my 7-1/2 or 7-5/8 regular ovals. Beggars/choosers and all...
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  3. I will normally steam all the way around top and bottom brim and sides of the hat with the hat jack already fairly tight, and leave it in for about five minutes before removing it. Also I tend to go a bit past what I guess is needed in the stretch as I have found the hat will almost always relax a bit soon after having hat jacked it. And if the brim got a bit wonky, use of steam or an iron to smooth that out will also increase the chance of the hat returning back to it's original sizing. If I have the time to do so, I will do the entire "episode" two times in a row which seems to them have betting lasting results. I have noticed on vintage hats, they tend to stay put much better than any newer or custom made hats. My own hat size is smaller and most of my own Fedora hats I use felt or paper strips to fit them if need be, but most fit fairly well right out of the box. Size 6 3/4 normally is a perfect fit on a regular oval.
  4. Silverbelly is one of those colors that's difficult to capture accurately in photos unless you're a professional photographer who knows what he/she is doing. I would describe it as an "off-white/antique white/cream/pale vanilla" color, but I've read others describe Stetson's Silverbelly as having grey undertones; I've never seen it in-person myself. That being said, if you rarely wear earthtones like brown, tan, beige, green, yellow, etc., I'd say Caribou would be more versatile for you.
  5. glider

    glider New in Town

    I think it's supposed to have a very light silver tint . It's the color the Texas Rangers wear, that right there is a good enough reason to have one .
  6. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid New in Town

    Light silver tint would be perfect - tan not so much so. Wish I had a hatter near to check these colors out.
  7. Barry-MI

    Barry-MI New in Town

    I have a Stetson open road in silverbelly, recently acquired. I agree that it looks very light tan, almost feminine. I don't see any silver or gray. Here is a picture.
  8. jlee562

    jlee562 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Being super technical about it, Optimo offers the "correct" shade of undyed beaver belly fur.

    Graham explains at the end of this video.

    I don't have a modern Stetson silverbelly, but here is my modern Boss of the Plains in 'Ranch Tan'; a 50's Open Road in silverbelly (front left); and an undyed Stetson 100 (rear)

    Clockwise from top: 50's OR, 60's Stetson 100, modern BOP
  9. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid New in Town

    Thanks for those pictures fellas. Not making it easier. That Open Road silverbelly does look very light, like it could probably go with most darks - but that tan tint is there. Can you wear those better in the heat than say a caribou color? I've got a pewter C crown so I don't want to double on gray, wonder how gray that Caribou looks. Seems kind of dark on my monitor.
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  10. I have a Silverbelly Campdraft, a Dark Brown Fed IV, and various colors and hues in-between. I've worn them on hot days (100°F and over), and if the colors/hues made any difference I didn't notice it. Of course, someone else may have had a different experience.
  11. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  12. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid New in Town

    Well if that is the case might go for the caribou, hoping it is somewhat lighter than I see on my screen.
  13. My daughter picked a Stetson and I'm curious as what the manufacturing timeframe might be. Here's a couple of pix... I have a hunch, but I'll let my fellow Loungers help me with their vast historical knowledge.

    Thanks in advance guys!

    1356.jpeg 1353.jpeg
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  14. Bill Hughes

    Bill Hughes Practically Family

    The liner, black sweatband, and size tag all say 60s to me.
  15. +1 Not much later though
  16. Fivesense

    Fivesense One of the Regulars

    Caribou is much lighter (nicely so) than it shows on most screens. Modern Stetson Silverbelly has little to no silver in it. I have a Skyline western and an Open Road, and the Open Road is seemingly even a little lighter tan.
  17. Thanks Bill - I was somewhere in there as well; that white sweatband bow threw me a bit. The liner had the "Brylcreem guard" on it and I couldn't recall those until around the late 1950-somethings. I figured one of our Stetson aficionados would nail it a lot closer than I could.
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  18. Cisco Kid

    Cisco Kid New in Town

    I went for it--pulled the trigger on the Strat caribou. What the hell, I need another hat, right? Even if the wife thinks I'm nuts...
  19. Yahoody

    Yahoody One of the Regulars

    Never got an answer on this. Ended up with two hat blocks from the same maker described as above.

    Here are the difference I have seen building on both. Althoogh both blocks are a measured 5.5 height and the same for diameter the Derby has a lot less volume in the crown than the modified dome with it's sharp edge on the top. Derby has a bunch of space you'll have to get rid of on the Derby compared to a modified Dome. The modified dome block fits my egg head shape (XL long over 7 3/8) and gives the hat some what of a flat hat / Spanish look if left alone. The derby block is a simple open crown with a small flat spot top of the crown. Either makes a good base for a cowboy hat I think.

    Modified dome
  20. Fivesense

    Fivesense One of the Regulars

    You are nuts, and in great company here!

    Congratulations on the new addition- post pics when it arrives!

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