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Autumn weather at last!

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Tiki Tom, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Tiki Tom

    Tiki Tom Practically Family

    Looks like summer 2017 is on its way out the door.
    Cool drizzly morning, so I grabbed the opportunity to wear a felt hat. I suspect that soon my panama will go into hibernation.
    Hope we get a little snow this winter. It's been about 2 years since we had a "real" snowfall.
  2. Hal

    Hal Practically Family

    I was in SE Germany when August gave way to September, and summer gave way to autumn as the month changed, with a drop in temperature of perhaps 10C plus showery rain. I echo the sentiments of the last sentence in your original posting, and would add overcoats, corduroy trousers, winter knitwear and tweed jackets to your list.
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  3. Yep, looks like autumn/fall has made an early appearance in my part of the universe too. After a very strange summer consisitng of repeated heat waves intersperced with extremely dull, cool days, temps. now seem to have trouble reaching 20°C & night temps. plummit below 10°C, (the tomato plants aren't too happy)......in fact, we are having 'normal' september weather but it has been years since we've had normal september weather that it has come as rather a surprise.
    Who knows, may even get snow for christmas. :rolleyes:
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  4. Bushman

    Bushman Call Me a Cab

    Yep, same here. Even some of the leaves around here are starting to change already. I guess this is really normal September weather, we've usually just been treated to extended summers.
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  5. the weather here is awful, it's a howling september, central heating was back on a month early. And, probably too rainy for felt, barring a beater.
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  6. GHT

    GHT I'll Lock Up

    The only thing that I really dislike about the cooler months of the year is the avaricious greed of the utilities when it comes to charging for their gas & electricity.
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  7. What gets my goat (Baa-aaa !) is when we have mild winters & so use less central heating, naively thinking we've saved some dough, the energy company (gas in my case) up their rates to compensate for their lower revenue. Although in the end, we don't actually pay more than we would have done in a harsh winter, we don't spend less either. As my old granny used to say " Any which way, you're shafted" or words to that effect.:rolleyes:
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  8. The sun is still hot. I will go to the beach next weekend if I go to Algarve again.
    The nights here are windy. Too much wind for this time of the year. Yesterday was 21ºC.
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  9. Rogera

    Rogera My Mail is Forwarded Here

    100° f (37.8° C) today, 103°f (39.4°C) tomorrow here
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  10. We had 93 yesterday, but are in store for mid 70s for the rest of the week. Felts are eagerly waiting...
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  11. Rogera

    Rogera My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I've had to just give up on seasonal felt wearing and wear them in the summer too or they would only come out for about 2 weeks out of the year. I like my felts too much.
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  12. johnnycanuck

    johnnycanuck One Too Many

    Autumn is what it is. Here in Alberta it is a short few weeks before the snow flies. With loosing weight none of my fall clothing fits properly. My Wested Leather Jackets fit big, I can wear a sweater and denim jacket underneath now. maybe that will be my fall clothing before I have to break out the Parka and Ushanka.
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  13. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    Autumn? I'll let you know when we have some. Maybe around Christmas. Though the last 2 years it was warm and sticky until almost New Year's, and the last freeze I saw here was the year I bought my current car -- Jan. 2014.
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  14. In Missoula Montana today. 80 plus yesterday but about 50 today and raining. Next few days more of this which should help the firefighters battling the multiple blazes in these parts.
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  15. We are getting our first soaking rain since June starting Sunday. Hopefully the huge fire in the Columbia Gorge will get knocked down.
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  16. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee One Too Many

    Fall is finally arriving in Arkansas! I broke out the Camp Draft a week ago or so.
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