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Baracuta G9 Made In England

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by polocoat, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. polocoat

    polocoat Familiar Face

    How can you tell if a current Baracuta G9 is Made in England? Does it say "Made in England" on the label? I know some labels have just the word "England" on them but, I believe these are NOT made in England, am I correct? Thanks
  2. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    It will have a little loop of cloth (just like a sportcoat) above the Baracuta label that clearly says Made in England. I have the Made in Romania version and that loop says Baracuta. The Baracuta label on both versions does say England at the bottom. The difference appears to be the writing on the loop. Great jackets.
  3. polocoat

    polocoat Familiar Face

    Thanks for your posting. I have a Baracuta G9 vintage fit (not slim fit) that I bought about 3 years ago and it has that "little loop" you mentioned but, it also has "Made in England" printed in gold on the bottom of the Baracuta label. It's important to me because I want a made in England jacket and I want to be sure I'm getting what I pay for; the original fit made in England jacket seems to carry a higher price. Unfortunately, it's difficult, if not impossible, to get an answer from Baracuta England; I will try once again.
  4. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab

    Buy it from these guys and you will be getting a Made in England jacket (and supporting a great small American business).

    - - - - -

    McQueen wearing one... 'nuff said.

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  5. polocoat

    polocoat Familiar Face

    Thanks for the tip, it's appreciated.

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