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Beaver Brand Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by hatflick1, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. hatflick1

    hatflick1 Practically Family

    Here's a website I stumbled onto.
    Admittedly, I don't know that much about Beaver Brand hats.
    Just thought I'd pass it along.
    Seeking enlightenment...one hat at a time
  2. Only thing I know about Beaver Brand is that I have an old one in navy that is one of my very favorite hats. It's very well made, tough, perfectly styled for me (homburg bash and a 1.75" brim), and a unique color (the navy felt has little white fur flecks throughout). Happened on it by accident on eBay for cheap.

    Thanks for the link! So many colors to choose from, that's just amazing. And the prices aren't too bad, if the hats are anywhere near as nice as this vintage one I have. Cactus, Kangaroo, Whiskey, CharBrown, Fenway Brown...Wow. They even have a homburg with a 2 1/8" brim. It's truly odd that right when you start thinking you've got all the hats you need is right when you come across some really cool new ones :eusa_doh:
  3. gekisai29

    gekisai29 One of the Regulars

    Check out or fellow lounger fedorastore's site if yuo like the beaver brand
  4. ortega76

    ortega76 Practically Family

    Every time I go to his site, that Beaver Brand "Jet Set" calls my name.
  5. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Yeah, that Open Road clone

    ...looks pretty sweet[​IMG]

    and the array of colors is nothing short of staggering... wonder what the felt is like and I wonder if our friend Duannne at The Fedorastore can access these... 'cause all things being equal, I would rather send my buisness to someone who has been a staunch Fedora Lounge supporter!
  6. Joel Tunnah

    Joel Tunnah Practically Family

  7. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

  8. shoeshineboy

    shoeshineboy Practically Family

    these hats are made in missouri too...one of these days very soon i am planning a visit...

    mark the shoeshine boy
  9. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Beaver Brand is a small company that unfortunately sits in the shadow of Stetson and Bailey Hats . While their quality is good , most stores will only deal with them on a special order basis. They have little name regognition today . Years ago , they went by the name Langenberg hats . Once in a while you will see a hat on Ebay with the name Lion Hats . It was their brand .
    We will try to carry some basics from them in the fall such as a 2" brim cenderdent and a few westerns . I'd hate to see another USA factory close !!


    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I have a couple of Beaver Brand western style hats and their quality is far better than any of the modern Stetsons I own as far as felt, feel and fit.

    I like that open crown western thefedorastore is showing. A 2.5"brim and a 6.5" crown. It looks pretty nice.
  11. I've had a Beaver "Major" model for 10+ years - it's dark grey with a 2" brim. decent hat, although the brim tends to ripple a bit, unlike the smooth-laying felt in the older hats I own. I also have a 1960's Beaver western hat that looks none the worse for occasional wear after 30 years.
  12. ledsled

    ledsled One of the Regulars

    nice in mink color

    I like the looks of the Beaver Brand C crown in the mink color. If someone has any literature/pictures showing it with the narrow ribbon, please post it. Thanks.
  13. Kodiak

    Kodiak A-List Customer

    Wow... thanks for these links. I have a beaver brand Indy fedora from Lee Keppler. Very nice hat. This past weekend I was in Chicago, first in a downpour Friday afternoon in which my hat got soaked, then when I finally got it air-dried, the next day a suitcase fell on it and crushed it. Still, the fedora survived with nary more than a crease.

    Does anybody know if you can order direct from Beaver Brand, ie buy a blank and bash it yourself (or pay Steve Delk to do it :eek: )

  14. I can match the Fedorastore.com's price on "off the rack" Beaver Brand Hats. I also do custom hats using the BB shells. Indy, Bogart, etc. Best to call me at 619-647-6744
    Kind regards, Lee

    PS Been away, but I'm back!
  15. Welcome back " Lee.".. You have been missed by many.:eusa_clap
  16. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    It seems that Beaver Brand realy wants to do business . They are opening a showroom in New York soon . Maybe we can bring them back up to the old days when they were known as Langenberg hats . They made a good product back then .
    One good thing about them is they are willing to do custom work unlike Stetson . It's just that without the name recognition ,it's a tough sell .

  17. Joel Tunnah

    Joel Tunnah Practically Family

    As for getting some Loungers to buy these hats, it would really help if you retailers would list the open crown heights, and put some profile shots on your web sites. How about an inside photo also, while you're at it? How hard is it to take a couple digital pictures?

    How someone can expect me to send them $120 for a hat they show in a tiny grainy promo shot is beyond me.


    DOUGLAS My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Besdor, do you know where in New York they are planning a show room? There was for the longest time a small shop under contruction on bleeker street that claimed it was going to be a Stetson store. It had the window completely covered with an old B+W photo of a store front filled with hats but it never opened.
  19. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Douglas , there wont be a Stetson store. New managment rethought their sales goals and decided against it . As for Beaver Brand , the showroom will be on 26th st . I'll be notified soon about the location .

  20. Kodiak

    Kodiak A-List Customer

    This one is kinda cool...

    Flat Top Hat

    Does this mean that I could order one without the bound edge?


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