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Bernie Utz hat shop pics

Discussion in 'Hats' started by fedoralover, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. Here's some pics of Bernie Utz hat shop in downtown Seattle. It's a nice place to visit just to see the variety of hats.

    I had to get a pic of myself standing under this sign as I'm wearing a Borsalino



    Here's a pic of the Borsalino that cost $425. and the liner isn't even sewn in.


  2. Your next mission is to go inside, get that boater and take some pictures with it on. You don't have to buy it by the way. :p
    The red homburg will be your next one to take pictures of. :p ;)

    Regards to all,

  3. Sorry JP I'm not a Boater type of guy.

    regards fedoralover
  4. I figured that. :p I love mine.
    Thanks for posting the pictures. They give one the perspective that you have quite a large hat shop there. Do they do any services for hats or are they just hat slingers? ;)

    Regards to all,

  5. Whoa! I just saw that last picture. $425 for a Borsalino with a glued in liner? Boy those vintage ones keep looking better and better. :kick:

    Regards to all,

  6. They do minor cleaning and reshaping with a steamer they have in the shop, but that's about it. They also sell Borsalino panama's for $675. in case anyone is interested.

  7. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It gets worse as the thread goes on. :p If I am going to pay even half that much I know where to go and get a better hat for less. ;)

    Regards to all,

  8. Well, like I said it's a nice place to "visit."

    regards fedoralover
  9. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Nice looking store

    It's easy to find lousy, overpriced hats these days.

    I wonder what *quality* hats or at least hats that might
    be a fair deal a decent hat store offers these days.
    I'm not talking about hat maker like Art or Optimo.

    At Bernie Utz, what hats were good or worth considering?
    What did you like, FL?

    No, I'm not planning to bid on that green Strat. I am just
    wondering if a better hat store offers decent off-the-shelf
    hats these days.
  10. $10,000 Montecristi

    If I paid Panamabob $675.00 for a Panama hat I would have a $10,000 hat!
    Thanks for the info and pictures. I'll stick with our hat sellers here at the lounge. :)
  11. You really shouldn't ask me that question feltfan as I'm totally sold on buying vintage one's either off ebay or in vintage shops. You still have to pay around $125. just for a lower end off the shelf Stetson. Fast forward to ebay and all of a sudden the $200 for a vintage one that's 10 times the quality of a new one looks a whole lot better. Most of the time you don't have to pay that much anyway, some of these guys or gals just get caught up in a bidding frenzy and drive the price up. If one is patient you can usually get one at $100. or less.

  12. jeboat

    jeboat One of the Regulars

    Borsolina hats

    We are vacationing in Italy in November for 3 weeks. Rome, Sorrento, Montecatini, Florence, etc. I plan to check out fedoras as to styles, price, etc but I doubt if there are any bargains there either.

    I'l probably stick with AB's!

    jeboat :cool2: :cool2: :cool2:
  13. It is also about the hunt. Anyone can go into a hat shop and buy something off the shelf but try finding a 7 5/8 gray homburg or even a brown one.
    A case in point is a brown homburg that I bought recently for $26. I love it even though part of the liner is stuck to the felt but what you can't see doesn't matter. ;) Anyway. I got it and looked it over. Nice brown with a little dirt and dust but your really don't find many Knox Superfine Homburgs around in 7 5/8. Well, I put it on. It was actually a little loose on me. This is unusual but I thought it was probably a long oval. I put it down and didn't think much of it. My wife came along later and looked at it. She asks me: "Does this 7 3/4 actually fit?" What!?
    Yep, she had looked under the sweatband and there it was a 7 3/4 vintage hat. Now that was a real unintentional find. Before any of you bigger than big sizes asks, no it is not for sale. I don't mind if my homburgs are a tad loose. I might need it if I have to jump out of an airplane without a parachute. :p
    So that was just another hunt that went in a new direction. Most of my problems are with too small so it was quite a twist this time. The hunt is what it is all about for me. ;) I am still looking for that Dobbs Palomino in 7 5/8 though.

    Regards to all,

  14. Prairie Shade

    Prairie Shade A-List Customer


    I have had three hats that were destined for this store!!! Picked them up at Stetson for 20.00 each. I like my prices much better. Have worn out 1 and have 2 in boxes in closet, one black and one tan. They have tall crown, light felt and compare appearance wise to my Akubra Federation. Great Pictures!!!!
  15. Actually you have some time to do an experiment. Go to a local hat shop near you that carries Borsalinos. Check them out feel them and check the workmanship out---all the price ranges. Keep what you saw in mind and your impressions on paper maybe.
    When you go to Rome check out the Borsalino shop. Check out the same models and feel the felt as you did in the US. Notice the workmanship there. Keep that in mind and let us know if there is a difference or not.

    Regards to all,

  16. FL, Great pics. I always like seeing how other hat stores are set up. What hats were in the round boxes stacked near the ceiling?

  17. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Vintage = quality even at Bernie Utz?

    Well of course I feel the same way and have had the same
    experiences. But if hats are going to make a comeback with the
    average person, regular hat stores are going to have to offer a
    quality product. I have handled my share of today's Stetsons and
    Biltmores and etc. Groan. But perhaps someone is making a mass
    market felt hat at a reasonable price? Utz seemed like the place to
    find it, if it existed.

    And yeah, JP, I love the hunt, too. But if I could walk into a
    time machine and visit the Cavanagh shop in NYC in the 40s or 50s,
    I'd forget about the hunt. I would not mind if I could once again
    go to a retail store and have a selection of respectable hats sold by
    knowledgeable, capable retailers and hat makers. And I will pay real
    money for the right vintage hat, knowing I will probably never see
    such a store in my lifetime (though being a natural cheapskate and
    bargain hound, I would prefer to pay a lot less...).
  18. You wouldn't believe what hat I'd get you from Montecristi for $675. And probably a return of $75.00 or more as well.

    I'm not really a nice guy. Just a dumb businessperson!
  19. Those hat boxes were old ones and just for display. All of the hats in the middle of the shop were the cheapys, the ones 100 dollars and up were behind glass cabinet doors and they liked you to ask to see them. The borsalino's were behind LOCKED doors. They had signs up everywhere telling people to only handle the hats by the brims and not the crowns.

    I really don't know of any good new fedora. Akubra's are okay and would probably be the best bet for off the shelf, but that is only my opinion based on the fact I have owned 6. Other people probably have their favorite too.

  20. mthatter

    mthatter One of the Regulars

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