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Best beauty decision you've made?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by CherryWry, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Isn't it crazy the difference that having proper eyebrows can do? I seriously could kick myself for not doing it sooner.. I hate looking at my wedding pictures because my eyebrows are so sad and non-exsistant...
  2. therizyflapper

    therizyflapper One of the Regulars

    my best beauty decisions I have ever made were, wear my vintage clothes every single day even when I feel like crud! take spectacular care of my skin and hair, and eating organic and refusing to touch any chemical! :) washing my hair only once a week (my hair is soft and shiny and I get soo many complements). Finding the perfect shade of red lipstick and wearing it every single day (I got a complement that my lips were so red he could see them on his black and white security camera lol I giggled hahaha) and lastly it was getting up the courage to henna my hair red! yup that's right I did it!! :) I love it! after years of not coloring my hair I love the change and I feel soooo sassy! :)
  3. Definitely filling in my eyebrows!! Looking back at old photos I cringe because it looks like I don't have any at all.

    Also I am SO glad I grew out of that whole scene/emo phase.. I was just looking at old photos of myself in this time and good golly, that was NOT a good look. Why did I have a mullet??????

    That said it was that phase which led me to other forms of alternative dressing and ultimately to the whole Vintage thing so I guess it wasn't so bad.
  4. Hahaha I LOVE that!!
  5. Apologies for the intrusion, however, I just realized that scene hair really was based on the mullet, wasn't it? LOL!! Just realized that :p Giving up my emo hair and going natural was the best thing I did......ladies seem to approve :lol:
  6. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    For this very reason, I HATE to look at my wedding pictures. :(
  7. It was!!!!! So bad. But yeah, at the time it was totally "hot" :eusa_doh:...
    I'm actually surprised I got into that hairstyle seeing as I dislike the 80's so very very much haha.
  8. It appears we al had the same issue. :nod:
    The difference with my eyebrows neatly filled and not.. is enormous. The one thing, if I had to chose what to put on my face if I had to pick just one, is eyebrows.. :D
  9. I feel the same way completely. Now I've gone retro 1920's
  10. I pluck my eyebrows but I don't fill them in. No need;;I appear to have hirsute caterpillars running amok on my face . Shaping them is something I need to learn how to do.
  11. bourneportal

    bourneportal New in Town

    Full bangs are a good look for many people. If the full-length bangs do not work there is always the side swept look, mixed with layers that will fall around the cheeks look amazing as well.
  12. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Water, and lots of it.
  13. Indeed! :thumb:
  14. [​IMG]

    Best decision:
    Washing my acne-prone skin with cold cream.
    I do notice the difference.
    No more dry areas, and no more breakouts (outside my "time") :nod:
  15. In the 90's my hair was super short on the back and sides and permed on top. I looked like a poodle that ran off halfway through grooming.
  16. Penny Dreadful

    Penny Dreadful One of the Regulars

    I've had very bad skin for half my life. I only recently discovered this is because I'm WAY more sensitive than I thought I was. I didn't know your skin was NOT supposed to be puffy and red after washing it, it was just such a normal thing for me. I stopped using chemical products and switched to all natural. It's now looking better than ever.
  17. I think this^ might be spam. Every post is about this Renu Derma.
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  19. TheSacredFemme

    TheSacredFemme One of the Regulars

    For me it would definitely be making the choice to wear red lipstick everyday- or nearly everyday. My confidence has soared, other people treat me with more respect etc
  20. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Nice 'n' Easy 122 has been my new best friend. Them pesky white /grey things keep popping up!

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