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Best beauty decision you've made?

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by CherryWry, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Delma

    Delma New in Town

    Ditto being fitted for the right size bra. It made me feel and look so much better.
  2. 1. Going blonde. I'd dyed my hair black for about 15 years. Nature made that more and more difficult and by the end I would have 4 days of my hair looking good after dyeing then the grey parting began. About 4 years ago I started getting highlights and after 12 months of having hair about 14 different shades varying of blonde, ginger, brown, black, I was blonde. No more dyeing my hair every 4 weeks, just top up highlights every 12 weeks. I was worried it wouldn't suit me as black hair suited me so well, but my hairdresser says I am one of the lucky ones that both look equally good.

    2. Learning burlesque. I am less clumsy and just hold myself better. I'd never call myself a dancer in a million years, but I just have more awareness of what my limbs are doing and I'm more feminine. It's increased my confidence and I take better care of myself when I do classes. When I stop, the old tomboy comes back.

    3. Learning how to do winged eyeliner a few years ago. I am now able to do this on a train if I have to. I generally hate women doing their make-up in public as it seems a private thing, but sometimes a girl likes to show off ;)

    4. Red nail polish. My hands look so much better and even if the rest of me is dressed down, matching nails and lips always lifts me.
  3. swanson_eyes

    swanson_eyes Practically Family

    Taking my makeup palette over to the warmer/earthier side, once I realized I have a peach-yellow undertone to my skin. I can do purples and berries, but they have to be more red than blue. Most of my red lippies are on the orange or brown side rather than blue-reds.
  4. Getting laser hair removal at http://www.spaandskin.com/ is the best beauty decision I've ever made. I've had three sessions and am seriously amazed by the results. It is quite painful but my hair is already much thinner and sparse.
  5. PrettySquareGal

    PrettySquareGal My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Letting myself be.
  6. Didof

    Didof New in Town

    I try many different cosmetic products like Herbal Essences or Garnier.
  7. N.K.

    N.K. New in Town

    In May of 2017 I started a detox diet and I'm really glad I did it. It was though, because it was a 4 month diet and very strict, but it has helped me to solve a skin issue I had. I mostly did it through eating healthy and knowing what to eat and what not, and by taking extra vitamins/minerals. It has resulted in my skin looking way healthier than it ever did before and it also has gotten softer! And I lost a few pounds too :p
    Other than that, I'm glad I got my hair bobbed again a la Colleen Moore. It's so much easier to maintain and well... I love 20s fashion so that's a big plus too!
  8. Eva Granch

    Eva Granch New in Town

    Laser removing! I did it about 5 years ago and am currently looking for a new place to do a few touch up sessions-- so worth it!
    Wearing less makeup is something that I have become way more comfortable with in the last year—and my skin is very happy about the decision, too!

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