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Best FL-er costumes 2009

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Matt Deckard, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Marc Chevalier leaving his mimeograph machine for a moment to yell up to me that the stock market is crashing, and that all our dreams, all our money is gone... forever!

    Detachable collar, real ticker-tape distressed appearance and all.

  2. .

    Matt is too kind. :)

    I was trying to look like a frantic stockbroker on October 25, 1929.

    I could only get hold of 6 feet of ticker tape. (Try finding some yourself. It's really hard!) I wish I'd had lots more to drape around my shoulders. As it was, the measly strips of ticker tape were thought to be a tape measure by many people there. The frantic stockbroker became a frantic tailor! :(

  3. I thought I was the frantic tailor.

  4. No wonder folks kept calling me "Matt" all night. ;)

  5. Marc, I was watching the Cicada broadcast at home when Dean called you to the stage. I nearly fell out of my chair! You were in great character and looked fantastic!:eusa_clap
  6. A beautiful moment of panic.
    Marc, your expression is very similar to the one worn by Scott Fitzgerald in his latter photos; during that time his life had completely fallen apart and he must have realized all his attempts to repair it would end in futility.
    (I hope yours is just a very good act! ;))
  7. The look is actually surprise that I'm taking the time to shoot a picture of him during his tour.
  8. We are dressing up for Halloween at work on Friday, I am thinking of doing Capone.
  9. Were any FL-ers there besides Matt, Marc, and Professor??

    I always wanted to create costumes based on those by Walter Plunkett for the Beaux Arts Ball in An American in Paris...
  10. A truly great picture:eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap :eusa_clap
  11. Uh huh. Idledame and Miss Neecerie were there, along with lots of Fedora Loungers who almost never post in the threads.

  12. They're in hiding.
  13. Miss_Bella_Hell

    Miss_Bella_Hell My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Marc, I think you've found the male equivalent of the "Sexy _____" that women strive for each Halloween! A vintage 3 piece! :eusa_clap But next time you might consider a push up bra.
  14. Thanks! :)

    Um, :eek: !

  15. Ha! It's now on a video clip for all to see: http://www.clubcicada.com/broadcast_archive/Mora-10-25-09.asp

    My hammy performance is in Part Two, 0:09:00.

  16. Snookie

    Snookie Practically Family

    We didn't make it to Cicada on Sunday, but I thought I'd post our Halloween costumes here: Carmen Miranda and Charlie Chaplin!

    The Chaplin costume was about the easiest costume I've ever done - thank goodness for the closet full of ill-fitting clothes! :eusa_doh: ;) I made my Carmen outfit - using fabrics from my stash and borrowing jewelry from friends kept the cost to about $30. Not bad, huh?

    Any more vintage-inspired costumes out there this year?
  17. worn last night, Marlene Dietrich:
    I altered the sleeve length of my husband's tux shirt and his tailcoat sleeve length to fit me, and the waist of the vest. The 30s vintage tuxedo trousers I probably bought 20 years ago (my first vintage purchase) and had them altered some time back to fit me perfectly. Also wore his vintage white suspenders under the vest, these really make all the difference on the vintage tux trousers fitting right. My silk collapsible opera hat I've had since the late 1980's, its been popped so many times the lining is shredded where the mechanisms are, but still lots of fun.
  18. :eusa_clap There's nothing better than a lady who can bring off white tie and tails. I almost typed "pull off", but caught myself just in time...:rolleyes:
  19. Thank you Fletch! It was a real kick for me wearing this, especially the vintage tux trousers with the vintage white suspenders.

    I'm missing my pocket square and the white flower in the lapel- will be wearing this again out dancing tonight so I'm hoping to get another and better picture. Where's that art deco architecture backdrop when you need one!

    The tux trousers had suspender button thread remnants on the inside of the waistband, so I used them for placement. I put the center back buttons on the outside of the waistband.


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