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BeVo Police Cap Eagle

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Old Fogey UK, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Please can someone direct me to a source for a repro Bevo Police eagle for a German M38 or M40 Police feldmutze (overseas cap) ?
    They don't see to be available here in England.
    I'm not looking for the combined eagle/cockade used on M43 caps, just an eagle.
  2. I am unaware if the Military police units had a different insignia for their over seas cap but here are a few good sources.

    http://www.richardaunderwood.com/index.php?cPath=23 < In the UK


  3. It's not a Feldgendarmerie eagle that I'm looking for. It's the Police pattern eagle worn on field caps by the Ordnungspolizei, Schutzpolizei, etc.
    Extraklasse sell the caps with the BeVo police eagle on them, but the eagle doesn't seem to be available separately, leastways not in the UK.
  4. Any chance you could post a picture of what you are after?

    This guy is difficult to deal with, but here are something that he has that you might be looking for?



    http://www.regaliaspecialist.com/catalogue.php?cid=THIRD REICH GERMANY

    This was the best I could come up with, I hope something there has what you are after. Sorry!!!
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  5. For some reason, Posting Permissions for this site says I may not post attachments.
    If you send me a private message with your home email address, I'll email a pic direct to you.
  6. B-24J

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  7. They have the police insignia he is looking for too I think, he already has the cap... But I have to say that website raises a LOT of red flags! Obviously reproduction helmets for 300$? No details on any of their items.
  8. This is an Australian website so I'm assuming the prices are in Australian Dollars rather than US Dollars. Still very pricey, though....
  9. I can see it is in Australian dollars but there isn't a huge difference. I think the reproduction helmet comes out to like 315$ in USD.. Either way a reproduction helmet shouldn't be more than 80$. There is no information on there either and that concerns me.
  10. All this repro stuff is probably made in China anyway. Pity we can't cut out the "middle man" ! ;)

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