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Black Leather Police Department Issue Motorcycle Jacket (NM)

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Purplesage, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. This is a black leather motorcycle jacket I purchased when I was planning on getting a bike. Never got the bike so I decided to sell the jacket. This is made by Taylors's leatherwear as small American company which made this for a major city police department. The jacket has never been worn. I am asking $250.00 plus shipping which is is an american made jacket of this quality.

  2. Those are great jackets - I have owned several leather police jackets from Taylor's over the years, and used this same model when I rode motors as a deputy back in the 1980s. Good luck - hope it finds a good home!

  3. It is a quality jacket. If you know someone who might be interested send em my way.
  4. Bump $235.00 shipped. Quality product made by small US manufacturer.
  5. going to EBay
  6. I'm putting this up for sale on the forum one last time because it is just too nice of a jacket. This jacket it quality heavy leather, never worn, made in the USA and the choice of different law enforcment agencies. It is also a jacket that most biking enthusiastics should appreciate. I have seen jackets selling on here and elsewhere for far more that are no even in the same league. This price can be beat either. Try pricing a new jacket of this caliber made in the USA for this price. Last chance to own this great jacket.
  7. mattface

    mattface Practically Family

    Looks like the Detroit design. I have an old one and I love it. Mine was made by a different company, but I believe it is the Detroit pattern FWIW.
  8. That's interesting because the guy I bought it from said the Detroit PD as well. It wouldn't hurt me to keep it if I don't sell it.
  9. Oh what a beautiful jacket that everyone is ignoring. Maybe it's destined for EBay. You can't find a quality jacket in this league at this price. Those who have owned one can attest to it's quality.
  10. Bump $220.00 shipped. I must be crazy for coming down this low!
  11. Nice heavy jacket for the winter months ahead.
  12. Bump
  13. guygardner

    guygardner A-List Customer

    If only it were a size 38...beautiful jacket.
  14. Still for sale just in time for the fall weather.
  15. Bump
  16. Bump $205.00 shipped.
  17. No size 44s out there who need a nice quality leather jacket. Can't find a good American made jacket at this price these days.
  18. This is a jacket that major police departments swear by because of the quality and durability, not to mention the looks. Bumped $200.00 shipped. I guess I'm getting generous in my old age!
  19. I can't believe that such a great quality jacket is having such a hard time finding a new home. I can't just give it away, which is what I am practically doing.
  20. That's a good price for a great jacket - close to $400 retail, depending on which dealer you buy from. I paid around $200 for mine around 1984!

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