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Blades for Brim Trimmer?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by jec, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. jec

    jec One of the Regulars

    I recently found one of these brim trimmers on EBay, and now that it has arrived, the blade looks like it needs to be replaced. Anyone have any idea where I might find a replacement blade? I did not take a photo of the blade when I had it apart, but it's an odd shaped single-sided razor blade, with three holes down the center. I've never seen one like it before.


    In my search for replacement blades, so far, I asked Aaron's Hats, 'cause they have sold the trimmers, but he did not have an answer for me.

    Anyone else? Any suggestions? [huh]

  2. Don't know where to get a replacement blade, but it may well be possible (feasible, even) to sharpen the existing one.
  3. jec

    jec One of the Regulars

    Thanks. Now why didn't I think of that? There's some statement about our disposable society, I guess.... [huh]
  4. Rick Blaine

    Rick Blaine My Mail is Forwarded Here

    M & F Western makes/vends the trimmers. They might be able to put you on to some blades though they will not be able to sell them directly to you, they will have to sell them to your local tack or western store who will then have to sell them to you, a real pain.
    M & F -catagory # 41 under hat bands & supplies. I could use a few of those myself.
  5. majormoore

    majormoore Vendor

    I used a old double sided razor blade in mine, hope you can do better with yours than I did or can, I hate this brim cutter.

    Major Moore
  6. jec

    jec One of the Regulars

    Guess I should have asked first and bought later...or not bought. :p :

    Oh well.
  7. majormoore

    majormoore Vendor

    I never have liked this brim cutter, you may like it,

    Major Moore

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