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Books about the Looks

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Lady Day, May 6, 2007.

  1. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    Finally bought Retro Makeup by Lauren Rennells. It should be here by Friday. I'm impatient though and have been devouring the Sneek Peeks at her website since last night...

    Since I haven't been wearing makeup for a while, I figured it might give me a swift kick in the pants in the motivation department.
  2. lframe

    lframe One of the Regulars

  3. lframe

    lframe One of the Regulars

  4. Dawna

    Dawna New in Town

    There's a great book from the late 30s called "The Entertaining Lady" by Vera Bloom. She was the daughter of some big-shot in Washington and so she had loads of experience hosting and entertaining people. The book gives great advice and information on hosting, cocktails, meal planning and recipes, choosing clothes, charm and so on. And there are some occasional references to the world situation, too - Depression and all that. It might be hard to find, though - I found it in my university library, which is a real treasure trove of Era reading material, but it's worth reading if you do come across it!
  5. Honolulu Baby

    Honolulu Baby New in Town

    All Dolled Up

    Wow! There are so many great books listed. I could see my library growing over night with a shelf full of new titles. There is one book that is fabulous and fun. That I must agree stands out. The Westmore Beauty Book by Perc, Wally, Bud, Frank, Mont Wetmore. (from the 1950's) Because the book focuses on all around beauty, both inside and out.
    The chapters are just great from how to determine your face shape to the shape of your eyes, lips, cheeks, the best colors to use for getting all dolled up. Facial exercises to exercises for the body, even how to make a chin strap like they used on John Barrymore and a little interesting tid - bit that ties into Frownies. Then there are the hairstyles. With lots of illustrations for just about every subject they speak of. Who can forget the beauty quiz! It truly lives up to its name of being a Concyclopedia of Beauty.
  6. angeljenny

    angeljenny A-List Customer

    I would love the Westmore book but the copies I have seen are out of my price range. It sounds similar to the John Robert Powers book called Poise, Personality and Model Beauty.

    Did Dita's beauty book ever get released?
  7. katiemakeup

    katiemakeup Practically Family

    I found my Westmore books on ebay a while ago.... and I think Dita's book comes out in the Spring? Can't wait!
  8. I'm not really exited about Dita's book anymore,they where telling it would be to released 2 years ago, and it is still not here yet
  9. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    I'm going to have to agree with Antje. I'm so over being excited about this book. It's almost like getting excited for your sweet sixteen only to realize you parents and friends forgot your birthday.

    Give me the Westmore Beauty Books any day and I'll be happy.
  10. Thanks Lenore, I knew I wasn't the only person to think this way
  11. Kayrahbear

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  12. makeupmaven

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  13. Dixie_Amazon

    Dixie_Amazon Practically Family

  14. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    So.... THIS December? or next? Or the one after that?

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  15. W-D Forties

    W-D Forties Practically Family

    In case it hasn't been mentioned before, I heartily recommend 'The 1940's look' by Mike Brown for those of you in the UK. Excellent details on glasses, watches and umbrellas, etc, in addition to clothes.
  16. I don`t have any books about the looks. Just few magazines
  17. Alice~

    Alice~ One of the Regulars

    A new book on 1940s hair styling is available for pre-order on Etsy here. It looks promising, and I like that it offers both traditional wet set methods and heat methods too. I'll probably wait for a few reviews to emerge before ordering though.
  18. Lenore

    Lenore Practically Family

    I managed to snag a copy of Dita's book for cheap (long story) so I figured why not. I'm glad I bought it. I knew probably 98% of the stuff she talked about, but probably because I'm actually in the scene versus just a "wow, I like her look. Wonder what it's about?" admirer. But I like her writing style and she's funny. It felt very much like she and I were sitting down for tea and just talking like two friends who hadn't seen each other in a while, and I liked that. She speaks very candidly about everything from hair color to back and butt acne, and it's refreshing that she's very up front about the stuff she has done or does in order to achieve her desired aesthetic. Several times, I caught myself thinking..."Must be nice.." when she was discussing a party to which she had gone, a conversation she was having with some fabulously famous friend, or some product she uses that us mere normal people would never be able to afford, but all in all she comes across as very down to earth and a genuine person. If nothing else, this book did stir in me the desire to get back to taking care of myself and doing something more glamorous than my daily jeans, pony tail, and no make up look of late. Plus, the book sans dust cover, will look lovely on my coffee table.

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  19. I got Dita's new book too and although it's the size and weight of a wardrobe, I love it! Same as Lenore I wondered if they'd be much I didn't already know looks wise, but it's so interesting. I loved Dita taking us through her daily hair and make up with pics of her getting ready. She's sold me on heated curlers (I've always been a wet set gal!) and I've already ordered some. Loved the writing style as it felt so intimate. No body shaming or attitude, but I now know just how much effort she puts into herself, however, she never came across as vain, just a wish to always look glamorous.

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