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Discussion in 'The Connoisseur' started by John in Covina, May 23, 2012.

  1. gear-guy

    gear-guy Practically Family

    Just tried Red Stag for the first time, probably will be the last. It was a Christmas present this year and had never even heard of it. Jim Beam flavored with honey,cherry,ect. Not really my cup of tea or bourbon!:p
  2. Yeah flavored liquor just doesn't work for me either. :p
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  3. m0nk

    m0nk One Too Many

    Agreed.... got some strawberry moonshine when my family came over for the holidays and I swear it tasted like cough syrup.
  4. Now that one I don't mind too much. lol lol Try the strawberries. They'll knock you down. :p
  5. gear-guy

    gear-guy Practically Family

    I agree but I have connections to where I can get the real shine from the hills of Kentucky and it is wonderful. If you don't like it then put it in your car and drive.
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  6. You know Tickle eh? :p
  7. m0nk

    m0nk One Too Many

    I want the real stuff! But I'm not so sure I want to know this tickle you speak of.....

  8. [​IMG]

    He'll take your money. :p
  9. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    Buffalo Trace produces a variety of interesting lines and I like them quite well. Visited them about a year and a half ago. The best for the money in my view has been mentioned and is Elmer T. Lee.

    http://www.buffalotracemediakit.com/bourbons.html Must use the pull down to see their brands. They make adult beverages and are clearly not computer geeks.

    As to your sampling, I suggest that you buy a Glancairn glass and come up with a tasting protocol. An initial pour of your bourbon and a bit of cool water to be stirred with a cool spoon keeps your sampling fairly uniform. Smell and taste soon after. Then wait a few minutes - then swirl and repeat. You will notice a big difference in most as the smells and tastes develop. Some which are not great at first will become your favorite if given a little time.

    And then there is Elijah Craig. It can sit forever and still be uninspiring. Hey, maybe the liquid smoke and some vanilla will bring it up to Elmer T. Lee standards...

    As to a standard of measure, Maker's Mark is my comparison. Others are better, but this is one which I find consistent and gives a strong basis for comparison to others as it will not overwhelm with any distractions.

    Old Weller is the product of the moment. Pappy, Blanton's and Knob Creek are some past favorites. Maker's 46 was interesting in the idea of having more slats for charred white oaks surface area, but is not a significant result in my tasting.

    But remember to be safe with all of this.


    (I don't drink much, but I do drink well.)
  10. Duper

    Duper Practically Family

    Thanks Fed in a Fedora, I actually do use a Glancairn glass I picked up in Scotland a couple of years back. I have been using the same portion of 4 small icecubes in my drinks and I let them melt a bit by swirling the glass.

    I picked up a bottle of Knob Creek a couple of days back, but I am hoping to find one of the more premium small batch bourbons on the shelf in the near future. Seems the Xmas holidays have cleaned out some of the finer stock. Makers Mark is available so the next time I am at the store, it may follow me home. That or some Basil Hayden.
  11. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    Cannot go wrong with either of those. Have both at the moment.

  12. Fed in a Fedora

    Fed in a Fedora Practically Family

    I went for a visit with a buddy who had a bottle of William Lerue Weller. Very pleasing. (we make reproductions of 18th Century guns and equipment - particularly powder horns. We then sample interesting bourbons.)

    Had almost a mild chocolate aroma and hint of cherry. Took some water and time to fully develop but was good from start to finish. Highly recommended.

  13. itsbruce

    itsbruce Familiar Face

    I am mostly a Scotch whisky drinker (single malts or single cask) but I occasionally like a change. A few weeks ago I bought a bottle of Rock Town's "Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey" and am loving it. Quite complex for a bourbon (spice, toffee, dried fruit and other flavours), nice to sip on its own and makes an awesome mint julep.
  14. You should give George T Stagg a try. I think Royal Mile Whiskies and The Whisky Exchange stock it, or can get it. It packs a punch, but is one of my favorite American bourbons. Try straight, and then with some distilled water. You will not be disappointed.

  15. McPeppers

    McPeppers One of the Regulars

    Four Roses is my favorite - ive spoken with their Master Distiller and even got a free polo shirt from them - their Regular Yellow Label is delicious. Though the small batch does kill it :)
  16. deMelo

    deMelo New in Town

    I like bourbon quite a lot. Although I collect good single malt scots, I do fancy a good old American anytime...

    I drink Wild Turkey and Jim Beam mostly. Great fuel for long rehearsals with the band I'm in.

    God, I could use a shot of the stuff right now!
  17. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Jim Beam was my constant companion all through college. My PR fraternity brothers and I drank it like water (that's LIKE water, NOT WITH water). I do believe if we could have bought it by the barrel we would have. Ah, wasted youth ...
  18. Ahhhh, you too, huh? :D
  19. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    When I saw "Animal House" after I got out of college, I thought it was a documentary of our PR fraternity. :D

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