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Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by LuckyLighter, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. I know that you match the belt color to the shoe color, but what about suspenders? Do you match them to the shoes, or to the color of the tie?
  2. Suspenders don't have to match, though it is nice if they coordinate.

    You can wear red suspenders or cream with a brown suit.

    white brown or blue with a Navy suit.

    depends on the shirt and tie too.
  3. So, then, one could wear a red tie with black suspenders and black shoes with, say, a grey suit or a standard black suit.
  4. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I don't know if this is period correct, but simply from an asthetic standpoint, i think it looks smashing to have the suspenders have color. Thus, when yoy remove the jacket, a flash of color. It kinda livens things up. While you're rebelling against the uniformity of modern men's clothing, you might as well go all out, under some basic guidelines. I agree with Mr Matt Deckard, that red (or burgandy) and brown are a great color combintation, but navy in black looks like it's not put together right. Black on black looks more like formal style, but if you had a black suit with a black suspender with a red stripe, or something of the like, it makes a statement. But as I said before, this is purely from an asthetic point of view and not a knowledge of the period.

  5. OK...for the sake of argument, let's say the suit I'm wearing in this picture, what color suspenders would I be able to get away with? Burgundy or black? Or another color?

    By the way...I'm the young guy on the right. :)
  6. up196

    up196 A-List Customer

    My opinion and ny opinion only . . .

    I would think burgandy or navy blue in a medium width, or as mentioned, a striped version with those as the main colors. I would also wear the leather tab "Y-back" design, as clip-on "X-backs" remind me of leftovers from a prom rental tuxedo. I tend to stay away from black, especially narrow black, for the same reason.
  7. Gershomite

    Gershomite New in Town

    This is not period specific, just how I choose suspenders for daily wear.

    Although there is a preference for black trousers/white shirt in my circles, with accessories to match, I would tend to agree with Matt about coordinating suspenders. When I am out and about sans tie, my suspenders will generally match or compliment my slacks, meaning they are either black or somewhere between charcoal and medium grey in color. When I am wearing a tie, I try to choose a pair that compliment the tie and the suit, often a shade somewhere between that of the tie and that of the suit. It seems to 'soften' the differences in color a bit, while tying the whole look together.

    As Lauren points out, suspenders can add something to the stark expanse of shirt when one's jacket is removed. Color is not the only variable; material, texture, and width can make imporatant differences as well.

    As an aside, I have started having my tailor place the suspender buttons on the upper third of the inside of the waistband of my trousers to help avoid the waistband 'rollover' that sometimes occurs when wearing suspenders.

    My avatar features rather tasteless clip-ons that I had to employ with the required company issue uniform trousers...they did not allow the buttons to be sewn in. There is now a manufacturer of clip-on suspenders that have a 'Y' back, and the look of classic button stayed suspenders.


  8. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up


    Does that mean that your buttons are sewn higher on the waist than normal? Just wondering, as I get the dreaded rollover on several of my trousers, and any suggestions to avoid it are great. My solution is to not remove my jacket.

  9. Gershomite

    Gershomite New in Town


    I know exactly what you mean, it was driving me crazy. Yes, the buttons are sewn higher up in the waistband, somewhere in the upper third, just low enough not to be seen. I have tried this with three sets of trousers and it helps tremendously by redistributing more of the pull along the top of the waistband, rather than the middle of the inside. Now I no longer have to waste time constantly pulling the edge of the waistband back into its proper place. And I can take my jacket off more often.


  10. The possibilities are endless, young fella.

    I would go for a stripe, or something other than solid. Remember, as others have said...they don't have to match, they just shouldn't clash! It's hard to recommend exact colours, based on this pic and my monitor, but pick your suspenders like you pick your tie. Look for some with colours that "go" with what else you're wearing. Don't attempt to match them exactly with your tie, for example.

    And oh yeah, unless you absolutely cannot have buttons sewn in (like Gersh's "uniform" pants)...ya gotta avoid the clip-ons!

  11. Gershomite

    Gershomite New in Town

    Agree completely about the clip-ons, Dave, I was placed in that unfortunate position by a temporary layoff from the marine construction outfit where I had been working. I knew I was not going to there long enough to justify the purchase of pants in which I could place buttons during a layoff, so I just clipped one on.

    There is an outfit that now makes suspenders buttons that are easily attachable/detachable
    Brace Tacs
    They sound like the perfect solution to such a problem.

  12. THEY look like an accident waiting to happen! :eek:

    In my experience, any store that alters pants (cuffs, waist size etc.) will install suspender buttons at either no charge if you bought the pants there, or for very little. Even most dry cleaners can do it.

  13. Ah, suspenders! Well, I only buy vintage ones when they are new in the box or, in good slightly used condition. The colors, styles and quality just stand apart from the typical brace of today. Most of the vintage braces I own from the 30’s or 40’s are rather narrow. The wider styles were used in construction or other utility related jobs. For a wile, I was using white, or cram colored braces. They looked way more period in many respects. In the 30’s and 40’s, suspenders wouldn’t be exposed all that often in public places. Men wore vests and kept their coats buttoned most of the time. So, suspenders were more of an under garment accessory. I have braces that are striped, solid and patterned. I’ll have to post some photos of the ones in my collection.

    I like the cream color braces because you can wear any color of tie or suit with them! It kind of matches the shirt and looks very classy.

    Here is a page out of a Sears catalog that picture some braces for sell. Note the different types of suspenders there were! Very cool designs! I wish they were still this creative today.

  14. Andykev

    Andykev I'll Lock Up Bartender

    You have me in suspense-ders

    According to Alan Flusser (author of Style and the Man), and quouted from his other reference on men's clothing "Dressing the Man":

    Exposed braces were a source of embarrassment for men in mixed company...A belt can never match the suspender in allowng the pleated trouser to fulfill its aesthetic function....a belt should never be worn with braces....the finest quality braces are made of rayon...Since braces share the same vertical plane as the tie, these two elements are coordinated first, followed by the dress shirt and trouser...the experienced dresser will use the brace's color or pattern to frame the ensemble's compostion....Solid or striped braces afford more versatility than a patterened pair.
  15. Very good! I was going to mention that a belt should never be worn with braces! It's one or the other! Glad you did.

    I feel much the same when it comes to braces and ties. I try to pick out ites that have the same colors in them as the braces do.

    Good stuff Andy!

  16. I agree about not wearing a belt with suspenders ( to our friends in the UK: I don't wear women's lingerie, I mean braces). As a comedian said that's someone who really doesn't trust their trousers.
    I don't mind the suspenders peeking out a little from my vest's armholes but I don't like them fully in view in public. Then again I still prefer wearing a swim suit with a top. I don't know if it's modesty or what. Does anyone else wear their long johns in the shower?
  17. Speaking of suspenders ...

    Are eBay prices finally going down on vintage suspenders? For the longest time, they went for high $$$. (Sock garters often still do.)

    I just won this pair. They're dead stock, late 1930s. With navy blue leather tabs: an unusual color. How come no one else bid on them? Was it luck...or waning interest?


  18. Siirous

    Siirous One of the Regulars

    Suspender questions

    I just recently attended a wedding and the rental tux had clip-on suspenders that I thought looked excellent and got a lot of compliments on by the time I hit the dance floor with my coat/vest off and shirt sleeves rolled up.

    I want to buy a pair of nice suspenders but I read elsewhere on here to avoid clip-ons and the more I looked I saw button on suspenders. However, none of my pants have suspender buttons. I found one site that had suspender buttons to add on, and they were on the outside of the pants.

    Do suspenders typically clip to the inside or outside of the waist?

    Is it easy to sew on nice buttons to a pair of slacks?

    What brands of pants typically have suspender buttons? I've not seen them in stores really.

  19. Archie Goodwin

    Archie Goodwin One of the Regulars

    Most of the suits I buy have suspender butons in them. For those that do not, my tailor will usually add them for free when hemming the trousers. All of the suspenders I own use butttons. I am not a tailor, but I have found the button ones allow the pants to hang better. Also, all of the professional clothing people I have ever spoken to can and will deliver sermons on the evils of clip ons. I think it should be pretty inexpensive to have buttons added to trousers, given that my tailor adds them for free whether I ask her to or not.

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