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Brightly-colored fedoras anyone?

Discussion in 'Hats' started by John the Swede, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. John the Swede

    John the Swede New in Town

    Anybody wear/have/have coming in a nice fedora that's not gray, black, or brown? What colors do you all like and when do you all like to wear them>

    Thought this might be interesting...
  2. John the Swede

    John the Swede New in Town

    ...or maybe not. lol
  3. One of my first fedora purchases was a Beaver brand homburg. In the picture on Ebay it looked like a nice sandy brown and I missed in the description the word "mustard". Well damn if I did not receive a bright mustard coloured homburg with an orange feather....I called it my Crusty the Clown hat and only wore it in the house until finally donating to Goodwill. I am not sure if any self respecting homeless guy would stoop so low as to wear it in public. That is as close as I have come to a brightly coloured fedora!
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  4. I have a couple of German made hats and one American made in green that could be considered bright. I wear them whenever and wherever I feel like a green hat.
  5. OldStrummer

    OldStrummer One of the Regulars

    Just today I ordered a blue pork pie.
  6. John The Swede, Eric the Finn here: Tough question from my perspective sir. Check the What Hat Are You Wearing thread as folks wear a bunch of different colored felts. I wear tons of colors. Most fall within the standard variants. A thread like Gannon hats has folks sharing about custom hat felts and may show more color variation than other threads.

    Today I wore, brown, gray and blue-gray. Just for giggles here is an older pic of some custom Gannon hats:


    Best, Eric -

    DOGMAN One Too Many

    Here is my red conversion.[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. I have a blue straw with a burgundy ribbon. It's not uber-bright, but definitely not as understated as the rest of my hats.

  9. I have a navy/midnight blue moder Borsalino, along with a couple of hats in a light tan, including an Akubra Campdraft Deluxe in Silverbelly. I'd quite like a burgundy fedora. I wish they did the Federation in a Forest Green too.
  10. Desert dog

    Desert dog One Too Many

    Beautiful ribbon work! Looks like a good Christmas hat.

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  11. Probably the brightest I have is a green Selentino Pine. I save it for St. Patties Day. I just unloaded an Air Force Blue western conversion because I never wore it.

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  12. Penman was making a Fedora in "Superman Blue"....and I think he also made a hat in a bright yellowish color a "Dick Tracy" hat?
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  13. This picture is so nice, hats like tree ornaments!
  14. Excellent idea! I will have to make time for a hat family pic.
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  15. DOGMAN

    DOGMAN One Too Many

    Christmas,Valentine's day.Really any day I feel like wearing it.
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  16. Lefty W.

    Lefty W. One of the Regulars

    A596D8A5-9372-4264-8317-30B52729C299.jpeg 5794539F-0606-4140-AC31-0BE121F670E8.jpeg

    ... just another day at the office ...
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  17. Wesslyn

    Wesslyn Practically Family

    Here's a couple of Penmans from their site. The aforementioned Dick Tracy, and The Spirit.

  18. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

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  19. I have a few bright/odd colors, but I rarely wear them.

    Green Beaver Brand Homburg:

    Light blue Selentino (Tonak fur felt):

    Darker, but not navy, blue and a gold/yellow/pumpkin. Both also Selentino:


    I posted the last two a few months ago at:

    Aside from Halloween, I don't know where I'd wear a hat that wasn't more a part of the standard palette.

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  20. Wesslyn

    Wesslyn Practically Family

    prince-rock-roll-hall-of-fame.jpg Joker.jpg
    I don't know how I feel about bright colored hats. They're a little bit impractical unless they're part of a whole ensemble. I have a difficult enough time matching my greys and browns. But I gotta say, when someone pulls off the look, boy do they pull off the look!

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