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camel sport coats?

Discussion in 'Suits' started by davestlouis, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. davestlouis

    davestlouis Practically Family

    I haven't owned a camel sportcoat in decades. For some reason there are a bunch of them in local thrift stores at the moment. This got me thinking about it...are they a good look, or does it bring to mind Century 21 real estate agents?

    I like the look with dark gray trousers. Any other thoughts?
  2. CliffG

    CliffG One of the Regulars

    I have two of them, one is a nice blue/gray and the other is a caramel with gray and blue fine lines. I like them both, the blue/gray I really like to wear casual with a pair of blue jeans and a charcoal fedora.
    I really think they look nice, I want one that is the camel color next.
  3. davestlouis

    davestlouis Practically Family

    Just to clarify, the tan color is what I was thinking of...I don't think I was really aware that they came in other colors.
  4. rmrdaddy

    rmrdaddy One Too Many

    I personally am a fan. I think it's very versatile, and I've never gotten a Century 21 comment yet!

    I wear mine with a few either a white, brown, or wine dress shirt with a neat earth toned tie with pheasants on it (it's actually a Polo item from a few years ago, thrifted for a whole dollar....), a pair of dark green heathered wool pants, cordovan penny loafers and belt. It's got a city-boy-goes-to-the-country look, so I grab the brown Dobbs Game Bird as a topper.
  5. Wolfmanjack

    Wolfmanjack Practically Family

    A tan camel hair jacket and gray wool flannel slacks is one of those perfect combinations that is absolutely classic. I wear mine with a blue oxford shirt and a regimental stripe tie...as I have for over 30 years.

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