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Cary Grant vs. Sean Connery Suits

Discussion in 'Suits' started by cgab1, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. If only I had an airbrush gun and adobe photoshop everytime someone took my picture...
  2. Lone_Ranger

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  3. Tomasso

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    I gotta get me a Citroën!!!! :p
  4. Carlisle Blues

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    The way it seems to me Grant was clearly about fashion and grace, no doubt. Nevertheless he fits in that narrow perspective.

    Even Cary grant thought himself a character when he said, "Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant".

    Connery unequivocally speaks to a man's sense purpose, vitality and omnipotence. If he did not wear suits like Granite, he did not have to.

    After all, Sean Connery was Mr. Universe.


    Even here age does not seem to effect him

  5. It's too bad that sterioid use has had such a calamitous effect on the expansion of the (Mr.) Universe. Nice photos.

    P.S. notice how I didn't re-post your photos? Just doing my part to keep my lazy *** from messing up the joint!
  6. Tomasso

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  7. According the the website www.seanconnery.com : "Sean spent much of his free time bodybuilding, a pastime that eventually started his acting career. His hobby of bodybuilding culminated in a bid for the 1950 Mr. Universe title where he placed third."

  8. Carlisle Blues

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    Well in 1950 he placed third for Mr. Universe my mistake.


    But let's face it he looks better without a suit than Cary Grant and his "friend"

  9. Carlisle Blues

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    Thanks one can only imagine what I would do without you. God bless you. :)
  10. Must be why I'm here then ;) dear.. you're welcome. That's me, a wealth of practically useless information that can be used at cocktail parties. Must be the Cultural Anthropologist and Behavioral Scientist in me, I knew those college degrees could be handy for somethin'!

  11. Aw, the over-built up bodybuilder physique ain't all that attractive to most of us gals I would venture to say. Sean looks a bit over the top there.

    Cary looked pretty nicely built here back in the golden era days.

    As for your comment about Cary with "Randolph Scott" -he has a name-
    let him (or her) who has a life without sin, cast stones at others.

  12. Dan D

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    Hiding the flaws...

    I understand that Grant trained initially in a circus, and had developed a particularly thick neck: he relied on bespoke shirts and suits to hide this aspect og his physique, and tailoring turned him into sartorial perfection to overcome it.
  13. As Much as I Like Sir Sean...

    Cary Grant "wins" this contest, hands down; though it's a tie in the "aging gracefully and still looking great" category.
  14. Tomasso

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    Grant's relationship with Scott is addressed at the 7:33 mark in this clip from the American Masters documentary "Cary Grant: A Class Apart". Betsy Drake (Grant's 3rd wife) makes an elucidating comment.

  15. Chiliarches

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    Yes, he always unbuttoned the collars on his shirts and/or turned them up to hie his neck- there are many pictures of this.

    Regarding connery's bodybuilding...if memory serves, I believe he placed third in the tall division.

    Also, I would think that the hat habits of each man should count for something, at least around here...;)
  16. Carlisle Blues

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    Thank you Tomasso but I have no interest in his relationships... ;)

    In fact I think he would have made a better looking Bond. Nevertheless, Connery does bring an edge that the suave and debonair Grant could not.


    Grant as Bond

  17. And Connery is Scottish - like a half of James Bond...
  18. Lokar

    Lokar A-List Customer

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Bond was made half-Scottish _after_ Connery had been in the role, as Ian Fleming was so impressed by Connery.
  19. Carlisle Blues

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    You are right.......unless I am wrong. :p

    James Bond's parents are Andrew Bond, a Scotsman, and Monique Delacroix, from Canton de Vaud, Switzerland. Their nationalities were established in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Fleming emphasised Bond's Scottish heritage in admiration of Sean Connery's cinematic portrayal, whereas Bond's mother is named after a Swiss fiancée of Fleming's. A planned, but unwritten, novel would have portrayed Bond's mother as a Scot. Ian Fleming was a member of a prominent Scottish banking family.

  20. :eek:fftopic:

    Wikipedia says his half-Scottish half-Swiss background is set out in the novel "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", and that Fleming did this in appreciation for Connery's film portrayal, but no citation is given for either point, and I haven't read the book so can't independently confirm.

    Connery - fantastic Bond.
    Grant - fantastic sartorial style.

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