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Checking in for the First Time

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Custom79, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars

    Hello the forum.

    Since it was my research into the availability of an Indiana Jones fedora that brought me to the lounge, I thought it fitting that my first post be here.

    I am currently narrowing down my choices for the source of my very first fedora, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

    I hope to be able to learn and share as my time here continues.

    Good health to all.

    Best regards.

  2. bolthead

    bolthead My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Welcome C79

    You'll enjoy it here, I'm sure of it. ;)
  3. Welcome custom 79!:D Are you specifically looking for Indy or anything else in particular?
  4. Marcus Brody

    Marcus Brody Familiar Face

    Are you looking into a Indiana Jones fedora? If so you may want to head over to Club Obi Wan instead, if you haven't already done so. As for suggestions. If you want a fedora that's reliable and relatively low priced in terms of all fedoras, you may want the Akubra Federation from hatsdirect. It was semi-designed to be an Indy fedora, but it's good if you also just want a pre-WWII-esque fedora too. Of course if price is not an option and you want the hands down most accurate-out of the box Indy fedora, then go for the Adventurebilt.
  5. Mustang

    Mustang One of the Regulars

    Greetings C79. I was in your shoes not so long ago. Since then, I've purchased two fedoras. And thanks to the people here, I made sound decisions and didn't waste my money on either one.
  6. Welcome Custom79

    Glad you're here. I was in your part of the world back in the 80s (in FEBRUARY of all times of the year!) but it's sunny Florida for me now.

    I found most of my hats on eBay as do many others. There is also a "Classifieds" section here on this site which my be of interest.

    Some things I've learned:
    - Really know your size. For instance, I'm specifically a 7 Long Oval. Or a 56 in cm, or a 4-1/2 in Borsalino/Italian sizing. My head measures 22" around but a 21-1/2 to 21-5/8 inside circumference is usually ideal. By knowing these stats about myself I'm now able to avoid buying a hat via mail that won't fit me.

    - Ask questions. I am not bashful about seeking these specifics from online sellers and if they aren't forthcoming I don't buy. I don't think they are being shifty - but if the communication isn't there I usually won't take a chance.

    - Determine your style. Now this can sometimes take trying on some hats and getting used to certain things. Also, I've noticed my tastes have refined (or diminished, some would say) over time. In any event, I have learned the basic proportions I like in a hat and now I don't buy up a hat which looks great in a photo but which I won't like with my build. I miscued on a couple that way early on before figuring out that I like a minimum 2-1/2" brim, etc., etc.

    Hope these tips help and that you find the hat of your dreams!

  7. Welcome to the lounge. You can do a search for Indiana Jones here as well as look at the info on Club Obi Wan.
  8. Welcome to the Lounge!!!
    For an Indiana jones fedora... I also suggest Adventurebilt.
  9. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars


    Thanks for the welcome. In answer to your question, I am looking for an Indy to start with.

    I've done lots of reading on this and a few of the other popular sites.

    I just have to balance what I want with what I can afford.

    I've looked at the Adventurebilt, Akubra and I'm leaning towards the 1936 Fieldmaster at the moment.

    Still too early to tell.



  10. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars

    Hello Gene.

    Thanks a bunch for the info. I see there are a lot of little things to consider.


  11. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars


    Hello and thanks. The adventurebilt is up for consideration at the moment.



  12. Check out Peters Bros. too. I am very pleased with mine.:)
  13. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars

    Thanks Stoney.

    I've had a look there as well. I'll keep reading and asking questions for a while. I'm not the sort to rush things.


  14. Custom79

    Custom79 One of the Regulars

    Hi Marcus.

    It sounds like your suggestions are confirming my research. I appreciate the help.



  15. apipeguy

    apipeguy One of the Regulars

    Welcome custom 79! look forward to your posts!:)

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