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Classic British early 1960's Motorcycle Jacket by Belstaff

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Speedbird, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Speedbird

    Speedbird A-List Customer

    Now this really hurts ..... the horror! the horror!

    However, I have to offer this to the Lounge first in some kind of noble attempt to keep it away from Japan.

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lounge I give you the real deal, Ace Cafe, Ton-up, the 59 Club, and oily rockers circa 1962. I give you an absolute classic amongst all classic British biker wear ..... a Belstaff Trojan!

    Made from IronHyde - a peculiar totally waterproof but somehow breathable indestructable rubberised PVC.

    This is the rockin' young man's Black Prince. It is totally original and as rare as rocking horse you-know-what! My Dad wore this on his Bonneville interchanging with an Irvin. This survived, the Irvin didn't.

    It has a Lightning zip with the C-stop. It comes complete with its zip out winter liner. It may yet come complete with a belt that I am trying to source.

    It is big and heavy. A 44 chest I think. I guess I will have to do measurements.

    Got a Triumph? a Norton? a Vincent? got your Lewis Leather boots? Got your white silk scarf? Now get your Trojan before I change my mind!!!




    (^^^ underarm brass mesh grommet to allow for breathability)






    This jacket is nigh on 50 years old and it is the real deal.... the inside shows dirt around the lower back - splashback from the road no doubt. The non-rubberised inside face of the collar does show some wear and fraying. The IronHyde itself is basically unmarked and probably will be in another 50 years - it is indestructable!

    I am going to ask £275 (plus p&P, paypal etc) for this piece of Classic British Bike history. The price maybe strong and reflects rarity, desirability and my reluctance to let it go. However, needs must. Unless I change my mind, in a week it will be listed on Ebay with a definite Japanese flavour.

    I thought I'd offer you classic British Bike nuts first crack at a legend!
  2. pipvh

    pipvh Practically Family

    Wow. You don't see these every day. If I wasn't on a different sartorial tack...
  3. Navin323i

    Navin323i Practically Family

    Beautiful jacket! Best of luck on your sale, my friend. :)
  4. Dixon Cannon

    Dixon Cannon My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Aye, worn by a right Ted, that one!

    -dixon 'Teddy Boy' cannon
  5. Speedbird

    Speedbird A-List Customer

  6. classic

    classic New in Town

    did you manage to sell your Belstaff jacket ? i have one just like it

    it's been sitting in the wardrobe for ages and i'm thinking of selling

  7. FWCollins

    FWCollins New in Town

    Hi did this sell?
  8. Hey Speedbird nice description of the jacket. You should write for catalogs. Ha ha

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