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Classic Safari vehicles!

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by weatherm, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. The Sahara in the daytime? 'Cool' it wasn't. :D
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  2. L'Onset

    L'Onset Familiar Face

    Not too cool indeed !
    It's curious, I have been browsing old pictures and is hard to find our cars on them. It seems that I was more interested in landscapes and animals than in ourselves. IMG_20150927_0010.jpg
    Those were the first camels we happened to see. Probably on leave :D
    The only decent picture of our car. I remember I was trying to take a picture of the ladies behind, but they realized of my intentions...
  3. Stearmen

    Stearmen I'll Lock Up

    Grace and style! The Maharajah Of Rewa's 1930 Barker Boattail. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. A boat tail and hammer guns? Boy, the old maharajah had taste!
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  5. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    I owned a Land-Rover while I was in college, so, in theory, I have that out of my system. It was a 1965 short-wheelbase station wagon (estate car). But I've never owned a LWB pickup. In fact, I've never even seen one. I have seen at least one LWB station wagon with a V-8 engine, which are rare. There was a straight six, too, but I've never seen one. These days, I'd love to own a forward-control Land-Rover but I've never seen one of those, either. Surprisingly, the company I work for actually has a Range Rover but I don't get to drive it.

    I think a Dodge command car would be nice to have. Never seen one of them, either.
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  6. When I was in college living in the married students' quarters there was a couple around the corner who were car collectors. Among other treasures (you wouldn't believe!) they owned a genuine WWII ammunition wagon, the original 'GP'. Would that make a great safari car? I mean!
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  7. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    Now this isn't too classic, unless you're an early Ford Bronco fan, say '65 or '66? I learned how to drive stick shift on this trip to the Ecuadorean Andes... check out the road behind us. The clutch was worth @#$%^ when I returned the truck.

    PICT0363 (1).JPG PICT0335 (1).JPG

    Obligatory Equator picture - one of the few places you can actually reach it and straddle two hemispheres.

    PICT0326 (1).JPG

    What's wrong in this picture.... pretty dumb and pretty lucky.

    PICT0327 (1).JPG
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  8. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    ...and a few degrees to the south, the Tropic of Capricorn (Stuart Hwy., Northern Territory, AU) with the Aussie's favorite camper and the world's healthiest and hardiest camels. (They actually export them to the Saudi's because they're healthier than the indigenous ones).
    IMG_1382.jpg Tropic.jpg IMG_1243.jpg IMG_1410.jpg
  9. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    A friend of my uncle, who he grew up with and who I had known since childhood, had a Bronco. But my uncle said you still need a pickup truck.

    I don't know how I've managed all these years but we get by with station wagons, hatchbacks and now, in addition to the station wagon, an SUV. When I went shopping for a new car two years ago to replace my old station wagon, my wife said that I couldn't have a Mercedes and please don't get a pickup truck.
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  10. IMG_2415.JPG
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  11. Where I live you have to have all-wheel drive because of the ice. I traded in a pickup for an AWD. Still, I miss having a truck . . . :(
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  12. Bugguy

    Bugguy One of the Regulars

    To my surprise, my wife suggested the 4WD pick-up. Fewer points on my drivers license than the 5.0 Mustang I traded. The 4-door medium-sized truck with a full backseat was a great decision. She drives a car.
  13. Foch

    Foch New in Town

    index.jpg This isn't mine, but it sure is cool. Buick V6

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