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College wardrobe

Discussion in 'Suits' started by Matt Deckard, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. For those who are going to school in the modern times and don't want to dress like you are going to school in the modern times I suggest the following for easy care and wear of the gentleman with a bag full of books.

    on the budget
    from the top down

    1 wool tweed cap
    2 fedoras 1 grey 1 brown
    1 wool scarf
    1 overcoat
    1 raincoat
    2 patterned sport coats 1 Brown 1 blue
    1 navy blazer
    1 grey suit
    2 sweater vests 1 solid 1 patterned
    10 dress shirts 4 white 6 patterned and colored
    15 ties some wool some silk must have 1 school tie.
    4 pair wool dress trousers 1 in grey flannel
    4 pair casual trousers... khakis... linen
    2 belts leather 1 black 1 brown
    3 pair dress shoes 1 brown and 1 black 1 with rubber soles for comfort
    2 pair pajamas
    1 pair slippers
    1 terry cloth robe
    1 umbrella
    6 white handkerchiefs

    Lots of socks and underwear

    For the athlete

    2 pair cotton sweats in grey
    1 pair gym shoes, canvas and rubber in black or white

    for the I'm not always old school days

    Various t-shirts
    casual button shirts
    leather jacket
    school sweater

    This list will evolve.
  2. SappySwami

    SappySwami Familiar Face

    Actually I have been meaning to ask, what about the book bag? I have this silly modern green techy bike delivery type bag that I carry, leaving the strap off. Not that big a deal when I'm dressed in less-than-retro fashion, but when I'm wearing a three piece and an overcoat it is a little out of place.
  3. Well if you are going to school in a three piece suit you should have a briefcase. otherwise if the bag looks old school though like you just came back from the war, hmmm.

    If you have the money this bag is perfect for school.
    You can make it into a back pack too, though I preffer the shoulder strap.

    Filson laptop bag is nice, though the strap sits too low and makes it hard to cary over your shoulder when the bag keeps tipping. Their backpacks are too cumbersome for books in and books out.

    Messenger bags don't always have to be considered too casual, though you are going to class and not a boardroom.

    Can't go wrong with military bags.

    The standard jansport backpack, not old school but versatile.

    If going from class to class I'd go for the leather custom hide or a messenger in khaki with leather.
  4. SappySwami

    SappySwami Familiar Face

    These are great. I'll have to see about getting one before I transfer to a university, so I can make a clean retro-start. ;)

    Thanks for the great ideas Matt.
  5. I'm partial to the bag with the inverse red cross.
  6. Too bad this look is out of fashion.

  7. There is no reason why sunglasses can't be part of the retro styles though. My 1938 University of Texas yearbook has a picture of a male student wearing sunglasses along with a sportcoat, sweater and fedora.

    Strangely enough, I have most of what is on that retro list save for the navy blazer and the fedoras (I really want to get these things though) and I have never seen the need to get any of the modern stuff in order to survive at school.

    As for bookbags, I never seem to carry all that many books around with me. I always see students lugging around 50 pound bookbags but they must be in some other major where they need a lot of books. Philosophy books are usually small and often not needed at all. I carry a vintage US military leather briefcase from the 40's and have never had much of a problem carrying everything I need in it.
  8. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Interesting thread.

    In college, clothes were something into which I didn't want to invest any more thought than need be. Each day and night saw an unvaried ensemble: Blue jeans (that FIT - first time in my life, because I had my own money), paired with either a blue or white oxford shirt and narrow narrow tie. Trenchcoat over on rainy or cold days and after a girlfriend bought me a cheap, black wool fedora, that came along too. Penny loafers (still have a weakness for them).
    This is still my, "screw it, just put something on" choice (sans that stupid tie).
    There was just no time to sort out combinations with an 8:00 AM class, and the outfit worked well straight through play rehearsals in the evenings.
    I think I was just SO relieved to be out of the enforced high-water pants and hand-me-down flannel shirts. My mother, God Rest Her Soul, could reliably pick out the ugliest article of clothing in any store for me until the day she died.
  9. You could go with a black tie that works every day, or a series of outragiously wild ties that work the same as the black... patterns so outragious they work with anything.
  10. carpecaligo

    carpecaligo One of the Regulars

    I noticed there isn't a ladies college wardrobe listed here...

    I dorm at my college, and I have to say, the rush to class, late nights, and activities I participate in, don't allow for a retro-friendly wardrobe.
    I don't have time to put together a great ensemble in the morning - It's (weather depending) jeans or slacks, a black tee shirt or sweater, my chucks or boots, possibly my newsies cap or fedora, and I'm out the door.

    I also work in the scene shop on campus, where I absolutely can't wear anything I care about.

    Luckily, my weekends allow for a little more freedom to dress how I like.
    And my Saturday nights are always spent at a swing Dance.
  11. I wasn't terribly into fashion when in college--but I always dressed very polished and frequently was asked if I was faculty! I used to wear a lot of wide leg slacks, nice blouses/sweaters, heeled loafers--that sort of thing.

    It would be easy to achieve the 'collegiate' look though--pair a simple a-line skirt (or wide leg slacks) with a form-fitted knit top or blouse, bobby socks, and loafers or saddle shoes. Actually, I have an issue of Vogue from 1940 that focuses on that collegiate look; in that particular season, the color combination of red and tan was extremely popular. They featured photos of red and white striped sweaters or solid red tops worn with tan skirts and the occasional contrasting fitted jacket. Looked sharp and polished, but still casual and youthful!
  12. That's the look! Simple and polished, but still enough to make you stand out in a crowd with minimal effort. Looks equally good paired with platforms or wedges.

    The suspender skirt is another excellent collegiate look, especially paired with jacket. Just depends on how dressy you fell like being.

    Had I been into vintage like I am now, I would have been sporting this look!
  13. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    I dunno,this is what I wear to college. I also have tweeds I wear in the winter. I love tweeds.

  14. That suit is sweet! You need to start a new thread and tell us more.
  15. Brad Bowers

    Brad Bowers I'll Lock Up

    Thanks, Matt. Well, there's not much to tell. That's my $5 thrift store suit, but I added another $43 in alterations. Closed the double vents, had a cuff sewn into the pants. My seamstress never gets my sleeve lengths right to where I show a half inch of shirt cuff.

    First mentioned here.

    I need to get some better photos.

  16. This is actually a really helpful list, especially for a newcomer to the vintage scene like me. Thanks, Matt. :)

    ADGENTNC New in Town

    Thanks for making this Matt, I'm heading off for soon, and I want to really want to start out as vintage as possible...

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