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Discussion in 'Beauty' started by RueBea, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. RueBea

    RueBea New in Town

    I am looking to color my brunette hair myself for the first time. Want to go more auburn. New at the whole color thing, so any help in the what brand to buy, to how to ... to anything else you might think will help.

    Thank you ladies.
  2. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Have you done a search for the colors for brunettes, blonds, or redheads threads? Those are chock full of info. We also have a plethora of hair dye threads as well.

  3. Mr DP

    Mr DP New in Town

    RueBea, I'm a professional colorist (been doing this longer than I care to say), but here are a few tips/advice you may want to follow.

    1. Decide at first how much time and commitment you want to put into coloring your hair. If your goal is to simply apply a shade every other month or perhaps every three months then follow these guidelines.... Never deviate far from your natural base/color if you are doing this at home. Go no more than two shades lighter or darker. If gray isn't an issue with you right now, you won't want to constantly keep retouching your new growth, so keep it simple.

    2. Using lighter shades of permanent color on your brown hair will expose undesirable undertones, i.e. brassiness, red and unnatural looking golds.

    3. Decide which tonality of red based color best suits you, i.e. a cool red-violet base vs a warm copper base. Believe me, using a shade which does not flatter your skin tone and eye color can create an unattractive outcome.

    If you were a new client coming to my salon we would determine what would look best on you, and choose from a demi permanent color category which would wear very well, yet not create a hard regrowth line. Demi's fade gradually and "on tone", so there are no brassy undertones which pop up a couple of weeks down the road (which tends to happen with permanent, oxidative tint). Once you've become used to your new low maintenance color, you can then decide to go to a more permanent or vibrant shade at any time without compromising the condition and porosity of your hair. Best of luck!!!!

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