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Comments You Get When You Dress Vintage

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by ITG, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Yesterday I was at the post office wearing a modern vintagey top (brown with white polka dots) with one finger roll in the hair and the other part of the hair pulled back with a white (faux) flower. The postal lady was like, "I love your hair, it's like the old style, like in the old movies." I simply said, "thank you." I think she was waiting for a little more of an explanation, which I didn't give.

    So this got me to thinking, "I wonder what the other gals at the lounge say when they get compliments/comments about their vintage style." So I have to ask the questions: What type of responses do y'all get and how do you respond?
  2. I get comments all the time when I'm working at the theatre -- before the show I'm down in the lobby greeting customers and taking tickets, and it's a rare show when someone doesn't ask me if I'm "dressed up special for the movie." (This is especially amusing when the movie has nothing to do with the Vintage Era.) We get a lot of older ladies, especially for the Tuesday matinees, and they seem to latch onto my stockings more than anything else -- one lady even bent down behind me to take a close look and see if the seams were real or drawn on...

    Most of the time I just smile and say "Thank you," but sometimes I'll suggest that I like to harmonize with the overall decor of the theatre -- especially when I'm wearing this deco-ish dress I have that has almost the exact same pattern as the carpet in the lobby!
  3. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    I get "Where are you going?" a lot. And guys tell me they like girls in dresses, even the younger ones who aren't at all into vintage anything.
  4. Usually, I just say thank you, unless they ask about a specific thing. Usually, bigger women will ask where I get my clothes because, you know, I'm not wearing stuff they usually see in the stores in their sizes.
  5. I get a lot of comments along the lines of "Where are you going?" or "Where do you work?"

    I always respond by saying this is the way I dress--I am an editor by day, and a 1940s model to boot. This answer usually seems to satisfy most people.

    I also hear a lot of "Tell us how to style are hair like that!" and "Where did you get that outfit?" I answer those questions accordingly.

    Lately I have had a number of very young (teens) guys telling me that they love the look. I find this both flattering and amusing, and always tell them thank you ;)
  6. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I get compliments on my borches often, especilly form the ladies at the post office :) but not too many from gals my age. I kinda wish I did, cause I do catch them looking sometimes. I have no idea what they are thinking tho. Hope its not "Gosh, what is she wearing!?"


  7. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    Hey, Lady Day, do you frequent the Sutter street post office? There's one lady there that always likes my outfits.

    I get lots of comments. I'd say 99.9% compliments. I just smile and say thank you. I only elaborate if they ask questions. I got a question yesterday that I thought was rude...not entirely sure if she intended it that way. I was grocery shopping (at the natural food co-op....so it was hippie), and as I passed she asked if I was wearing a costume or if I always dressed this way. Mind you, I wasn't wearing anything terribly outlandish, black knee length late 30's skirt, 40's royal blue boxy jacket, stockings and vintage mary janes. Hair curled and pulled up in combs. I responded that I always dress this way. Her response, ok then. I guess it was her tone that just kinda bugged me. :rolleyes: Usually, if someone asked if I always dress this way, it is followed by a compliment when I answer yes.
  8. Borches?
  9. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Brooches :)

  10. ChorusGirl

    ChorusGirl Familiar Face

    My guess would be "broches"... :)

    I get the "Where are you going?" question a lot, too...

  11. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    brooch |br? ch; bro? ch | noun an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch.

    Just so everyone is clear :)

  12. Two days ago I was going to work in my brand new Stop Staring dress (usually I go there in tap-pants and a vintage inspired shirt) and my colleague was totally amazed and came over to take a look at all the details. I gave her some links and she was like "Oh my god. How beautifull!!! I didn´t knew they still make dresses like that!!!" I often get comments like "I love your hair-do" and stares with open mouth on the street especially when I´m wearing shooting make up. I take it as compliment :)
  13. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I just got a Stop Stairing! dress too! I cant wait for it to get here. It has the potential to be my new little black dress :D
    I know,
    off topic :p

  14. Paul

    Paul Guest

    Reacting to comments made about wearing vintage

    I always think that if a comment is passed that you are not sure if it is intended to be a complement or a slightly sarcastic.
    Then you have to think... if it was from a group of people ( strangers) then the changes are it is a sarcastic one as they are trying to do the classic comedy double act routine with one bouncing a comment off another. This is especially relevant if they are younger than you.
    One the other hand if it's from a lone individual them it is more likely even if it phrased strangely to be praised, it because they are not thinking before they speak or speaking literally .
    As in this case
    if you were from a theatre and said yes to the costume then that's for her a logical explanation and accept it OK. On the other hand she could be very curious, in my view she is unsure how to ask you and possibility wants to know more but is unsure how to approach the subject because she has no idea that your response will be polite so she is slightly on guard herself.
    You could keep in your bag a small photo of you dresses in say 40's then if any one who look nice ask you could take it out and show them and use that to start a conversation. A sort of ice breaker a little about your interest.
    I know all about sarcastic comments myself as my father is a professional Clown and on several occasions I have had to walk through city centres with him in full costume and makeup because their no where to park. A clown cannot answer back! and yes they are many comments made not all nice!.
    I think if people take the time these days to say something nice about your appearance then they are genuinely interested and if they have no intention to wear vintage might admire you for your having your own style.
  15. This subject worked into the Suffering For Your Style thread as well:

    Last night when we went to see Rumble King, some gals grabbed me as I walked past them to say, "You guys are so fun! Where can I learn to dance like that? Where did you get that dress, and glasses, and shoes, and purse? I love this music, what is it? You just have the best look"
    I thanked them, of course. I told them a couple places to dance and shop, then sent one of our gentlemen over to them. If it were a man making comments I would have asked him to dance myself. New recruits!
  16. Miss Dottie

    Miss Dottie Practically Family

    I was wearing a vintage dress yesterday and I think people commented more on the fact that I was wearing a dress more than the fact that it was vintage. Ha!

    LD--Remind me to start a stop staring thread.
  17. Stop Staring/Daddy-Os have some cute outfits. I haven't purchased any though because I don't want to run into someone else wearing the same thing.

    I mostly just get the random compliments of "you look nice, why are you dressed up?" or "where can I learn to dance like that?"
    Sometimes people come up with more interesting comments/insults. These are a few I can remember offhand:

    "Are you filming a movie here?" -- from passersby of a dinner/dance event we were attending. I guess we all did a fantastic job to get that one.

    "Is this some new fad or are you just weird?" -- I'm just weird. For now.

    "Hey, check it out, it's Lurch. You rang?" -- directed towards my ex-beaufriend because he was tall, lanky, and wore a suit. He dressed more like Gomez actually.

    "I like the heels and stockings, but your skirt is too long."

    "I love your look. Where did you get an outfit like that? -- the answer is usually that I made it.

    "Do you dress like this all the time? Even at work? What do your coworkers say?" -- at first my coworkers thought it was some new style and I was really hip. It took them awhile to figure out there was something different about me.

    "I've never met a girl like you who didn't have tattoos before" -- you've never met a girl like me period.

    "I had a teacher who wore a dress just like that and I had such a crush on her" -- from a senior citizen of my favorite vintage dress.

    "I love your outfit. I used to have one like that for my Barbie doll."

    "What are you guys, Benny and Joon or something?" -- little did they know, Benny was the normal dressed brother in that movie.

    "You look like you just stepped off the silver screen" -- my favorite so far. I got that compliment back when I was in high school in the eighties.

    "I can't decide if you are ahead of your time or behind it." -- both

    "You look like Willie Wonka" -- towards my (ex)husband at our wedding. I can't really argue that, he did look like Gene Wilders Wonka minus the hair.

    "What's wrong with your eyebrows?" -- yes, I have the scary thin type you all had been complaining about on another thread.

    "Did you steal that purse off a dead clown?" -- if I saw a dead clown with a purse this cool, I would indeed steal it.

    "I don't know if I can be seen with you in those shoes" -- of my 1930s brightly multicolored, flowered heels with rhinestone accents. Telling him they had been my grandmothers didn't help matters any. First date, last date. It's a reverse Cinderella thing.

    Special bonus; most recent classic car tale:
    The other night I was riding around in my friends '55 Rolls. I was being chauffeured in the back with the tray down. We got hungry and no restaurants were open, so we decided to drive through Taco Bell. Well, the steering wheel is on the right, so he had to pull up to get the back seat at the take-out window. He handed money back to me to pay for the order. The fast-food worker and I couldn't reach each other. Because of how the old Royce is built, you know, he couldn't pull us up close enough. I had to be a good sport, get out of the car to pay and get our junk food.
    The line behind us was honking, laughing and making some pretty humorous remarks. It was fun. The worker seemed very annoyed that she had to deal with such characters slowing everything down. You could tell she hated her job (who wouldn't) and just wanted to close up and go home.
  18. BettyValentine

    BettyValentine A-List Customer

    Usually I just get people asking where I got my clothes, so I tell them. No one has ever said anything weird or unpleasant.
  19. The two gals that our friend spoke to approached me as well regarding dancing/style--they were sweet. The brunette was already dressed 1950s-style (cigarette pants, red blouse, wide belt, and mules)--she was a doll.

    I had another gentleman come up to me that night to tell me that I looked like his mother--and he said that was a huge compliment. When someone says I look like their mother, or grandmother, etc., I always take it as a compliment :)
  20. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I also find that when you dress vintage (or dress 'up' for that matter), some strangers want to make sure you look the best you can.

    I was waiting for the bus today in a black and cream poka dot skirt and black cardigan, and two ladies (about mid to late 40s) pointed out a stray thread near my hem. They were very involved with me making sure I got it off without damaging the skirt. I did, and they went off talking about when they were young girls and where they got their clothes from.
    It was sweet.


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