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Competition for WW2 'Fly Boys' here..!

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Hamsterjeep, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Hamsterjeep

    Hamsterjeep New in Town

    Lucky guesses?

    Here's some guesses:

    1) Duxford
    2)133 Sqdn.
    mustang name 3) Shangri-La

    133 Sqdn. was formed in Coltishall on 1 Aug. 1941, (moved to Duxford on 16 Aug. 1941) Gentile joined the No. 133 Eagle Squadron in 1942,which was composed only of American fighter pilots who had volunteered to fight with the British. Flying Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes, the Eagle Squadrons gave Don Gentile the chance to prove himself in combat against the Germans. He score his first aerial victory on August 1, 1942, destroying an Fw-190 and a Ju-88 over France. For this he was awarded the British Distinguished Flying Cross.That September, he transferred into the United States Eighth Air Force: 336th Fighter Squadron, Fourth Fighter Group, which claimed over one thousand German aircraft destroyed. Several Eagles, such as Gentile, Don Blakeslee, Jim Goodson, and Duane Beeson, became top aces of the European theater, especially after the Group's conversion to P-51 Mustangs.

    After the war Don Gentile stayed with the Air Force: as a test pilot at Wright Field, as a Training Officer in the Fighter Gunnery Program, and as a student officer at the Air Tactical School. In 1951, Don Gentile made his last flight, crashing a T-33 trainer which killed both Gentile and his passenger. His decorations include the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, the Presidential Unit Citation, the World War Two Victory Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the British Distinguished Flying Cross, the British Star, the Eagle Squadron Crest, and other foreign medals.
  2. Hamsterjeep

    Hamsterjeep New in Town

    additional information:

    No. 133 Squadron was formed on 1 August 1941 at Coltishall and assigned the squadron code MD. George A. Brown, an Englishman, transferred from No. 71 to become squadron leader. On 16 August the squadron moved to Duxford where it was brought up to operational strength. September 1941 was spent at Colly Weston and Fowlmere training in Hurricane IIBs and flying convoy patrol in the North Sea. In early October the squadron was transferred to Eglinton, Ireland to complete training & fly convoy patrol duty over the North Atlantic.
    His Spitfire MkVb was named "Buckeye-Don", His P-47D was " Donnie-Boy", and his Mustang P-51B was " Shangri-La".
    Enlisted in the RCAF on Sept. 1940. To the American Volunteer's 133 "Eagle" Sq., RAF and had first victory and British DFC, flying the Spitfire V over Dieppe, Aug. 19, 1942. Transferred to the 4th FG when 133 "Eagle" Sq. became the 336th Ftr. Sq., USAAF in Sept. 1942. Scored two Spitfire kills, 4.33 kills in the P-47 Thunderbolt and 15.5 kills in the P-51B Mustang, half of all claims in March 1944. Returned to USA on April 28, 1944 and toured in a Mustang during a fund-raising drive. Later was assigned to Test Flight at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Left service in April 1946. Re-entered the fewly formed USAF in December 1947. Killed in an air accident on January 20, 1951.

    how's my batting score now?
  3. PADDY

    PADDY I'll Lock Up Bartender

    God loves a trier my friend..!! lol

    Full marks for persistance !!, but..still only one outta three I'm afraid :) nice one!! Regards, your Irish pal across the pond!
  4. Hamsterjeep

    Hamsterjeep New in Town

    Kirton in Lindsey airfield

    The Eagle Squadrons, manned by American volunteers, were formed in Britain during the autumn of 1940, at the height of the Battle of Britain. The first all-American Squadron formed was No.71 Squadron, based at Church Fenton near York, although for a while they were commanded by British Officers. The first recruits were three pilots that had joined the RAF earlier in the year, seeing combat with No.609 squadron at Warmwell during the Battle of Britain. Things moved quickly during the next few months and the unit received its first combat ready aircraft when nine Hurricane Mk.I’s arrived on November 7th. The unit was then sent to Kirton-in-Lindsey later that month and their numbers continued to grow. The unit was pronounced operational during February 1941, when it moved to Martlesham Heath in Suffolk, within North Weald’s sector. During May the unit re-equipped with Hurricane Mk.IIA’s and began operational sorties. In June they came to North Weald and formed the North Weald Wing with two British squadrons. Here they took part in numerous escort missions, fighter sweeps and convoy patrols. The unit stayed at North Weald until December when they returned to Martlesham Heath. The second unit formed was No.121 Squadron. This was formed during May 1941 and was initially based at Kirton-in-Lindsey. They moved to North weald in December 1941 when No.71 Squadron moved out. By this time both units had converted to Spitfire Mk.II’s and then onto Spitfire Mk.V’s. No.121 Squadron were engaged on similar missions as No.71 Squadron. On June 3rd 1942 the unit left North Weald. Although no longer stationed at North Weald they continued to operate as part of the North Weald Wing for some time after.

    Eventually, with America officially declaring war, the units were transferred to the USAF. A third Eagle Squadron was formed, No.133 Squadron, but this was never based at North Weald.

    Paddy, If I didn't get it this time, I officially give up. I forefit any claim to a bomb tag, so PM me the answers.I will not divulge the answer.
  5. Holy Crap!...

    I think he's cracked it-
    Isn't that the place up York way?

  6. PADDY

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    PM sent Hamsterjeep...

    Forfeit. But some whizzbanging information there that's really apprectiated..!!
  7. PADDY

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    Scramble chaps!! WWII metal bomb tag for grabs..!

    This little honey will set your WWII jacket off to a tee! With some minor research on the web, any of you WWII enthusiasts could answer the three questions and grab a piece of the action with a limited edition USAAF bomb tag, what a head turner!!

    1. American air ace, Major Don S Gentile was trained on Spitfires before going to an operational RAF Eagle Sqn. What was the name of the original RAF airfield where he trained on spits..? *(clue...in County Northumberland).

    2. What was the number given to the British OTU (Operational Training Unit) where Don earned his spurs learning to fly the British Spitfire..?

    3. What famous exotic name did Don give to his beloved Mustang fighter plane?

    Tally ho chaps, Angels at 12 O'clock high!!
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    Ashford, you prize pillock!!! :rolleyes:
  10. B-ardon?
    You're out of...

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    That shower is far too hot!
    I've scalded my Bingster!

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    I suggest you sart at the top and wash down as far as possible. Then start at the bottom and wash up as far as possible. And then wash possible. :)
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    heats about 20 years ago...

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    No, me neither, that's why I'm sat here exchanging silly messages with you on Paddy's thread-it's Chelsea v. Bayern somewhere or other over here. but there's a prog about naughty nurses on at nine, so I shall be off in a minute. OOhh, Matron!
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    For conspicuous answering of questions correctly, you are hereby decorated with the meritorious award of the brass Aerial Bomb Tag. I hope you enjoy it Mikey!! and wear it well.

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