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Confusion about Knox Fifteens?

Discussion in 'Ask The Artisan' started by michael78, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. michael78

    michael78 Familiar Face

    Hi Guys, I'm fairly new to hats thats why I'm a little confused over the Knox Fifteen!!.... are there different models regarding this....could someone please help a greenhorn regarding this.

    Much appreciated

  2. Any production hat with a number designation like that (Knox Fifteen, Dobbs Forty, Mallory Ten, Stetson 100), signifies the price point of the hat at the time it was sold. A Knox Fifteen sold for $15 at the time it was produced. So, it can mean different things at different times (eras). It doesn't signify a style, it points to a quality designation.

    So a Knox Fifteen made in the 50s would be significantly different than one made in the 60s or 70s, both in quality and the contemporary style they represent. Even in the same era, they can mean different things depending on the brand. I own a Mallory Ten Homburg, but there are other Mallory Tens out there that are traditional wide brim fedoras, as an example.

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  3. michael78

    michael78 Familiar Face

    OK!!! That make sense, Thanks Bud!!
  4. No prob. That's what this place is for.

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