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correct 'shoes'

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by esteban68, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Ok quick question chaps, I have a summer outfit(very Terry Thomas) I am working on consiting of dark navy blue blazer, white cotton 'flannels'...I am thinking a canvas belt with leather ends? white open neck shirt, red polka dot cravat but what shoes to wear......? I did think of navy blue plimsoles with white rubber toes etc......would these be appropriate for UK wear circa 1950's.hopefully going to Goodwood and I intend to wear this outfit weather permitting!
  2. Fifty150

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  3. Some white bucks?
  4. You have an obvious love affair with AE, my friend. Not such a bad thing, as they are pretty decent shoes.
  5. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Sounds good: what about white plimsolls? They work well for a casual outfit from that period. I certainly have photographs showing my father wearing them in the late 40s/early 50s. Or white shoes, for the nautical look. That will of course depend on budget.
    I rather like the look of these:
    And they are a good price: £59 (certainly the best priced white shoes i have seen). Rather more than the £5 you would pay for plimsolls, but cheaper than most white shoes.
    I hope you'll be posting photos of the outfit once assembled.
  6. ... or white canvas cap toe oxfords (if you find any i want a pair too).
  7. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Join the club! These must be at the top of my footwear wish-list.

    I did contemplate getting a pair made at a factory who offer a service to make any shoe in their range, in any leather/fabric (I won't mention their name on here, since I am not sure whether this is an official service or something that just sometimes gets put through the factory). I think the price was around £250.
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  9. Yeps

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    Maybe this is just an American thing, but my first thought is...
  10. I have a pair of those I bought last Summer. Wore them a lot, including on the New Sheridan Club annual punt. Can't find a photo now, but.... Nice shoes. Especially good in a city context, bearing in mind how quickly white bucks or even canvas shoes would get dirty.... I'm also very fond of saddle shoes for this sort of casual outfit. In Washington DC last June, I wore a pair of black over white saddle shoes with a black linen suit (Charles Tyrwitt, modern, but their stuff in my experience over the past few years has a very mid-Fifties cut), and a white cotton pique eight panel cap. A guy on the street make some comment to the effect of I looked like one of those international golf pros (which appeared to be intended as a compliment, and was taken as such. The boys in their official 'uniforms' on the US team - RL, was it? - looked damn sharp).
  11. You see those over here too - "boat shoes" is the usual term that gets used. They always remind me of a geography teacher I had at school.

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