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Current Issue Vogue & 40's Style

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by scotrace, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    The issue of Vogue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover has her in several ensembles (summer/pool) that are either actual vintage or "this Spring's 40's look."

  2. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    It seems like pale skin is coming into style. I've seen some cosmetic companies offer "skin brighteners" and women in the media don't look as tan as they did just a few years ago.
  3. Your right about the pale look being in nowadays. I think it's a photohop attribute. Tan is out at the moment. I was hanging out with my friend Angela whom aspires to get that "creamy porcelin" look and she keeps showing pics from these magazines which are obviously altered.

    Anywho I think Scarlet is pale without much alteration to the images.
  4. Pink Dahlia

    Pink Dahlia Call Me a Cab

    I love Scarlett. Period. The end.
  5. Thanks Scott, I'm definitely gonna pick up an issue.
    Scarlett is beautiful, she is one of the few modern day actresses that I really enjoy watching. She has done quite a few period films, and really looks amazing in the "vintage" look. She does early 30's brilliantly in "A Good Woman" and she looks incredible in "The Black Dahlia". But, one of my favorite modern day movies is "Lost in Translation" and I think she's great in that as well.

    In the March issue of "Lucky Magazine" they did their spring preview and they had a layout dedicated to the twenties. It was something like "The Great Gatsby Returns" or something like that. I was so thrilled and the outfits they showcased were amazing. I wanted to buy the entire page. The rest of the magazine focused a lot on the rise of the "Peep Toe Pump and Wedge" and they also had a section dedicated to "The Return of The Dress". Supposedly the hot look for spring/summer are knee length soft flowy dresses with peep toe shoes. They said that fashion designers are taking their focus away from the casual and sloppy look and trying to bring back a bit of elegance while still maintaining a level of comfort. It'd be so nice to go out for Sunday Brunch and see ladies dressed like ladies instead of rolling out of bed and just wearing what they wore to bed, to brunch, which is the hot style around here at least. I do hope these "return to the feminine" styles catch on, and stick for a long time.

    Funny, I was getting coffee this morning and there was a girl in a car next to me in the parking lot. She was looking in her rear view mirror and putting on make-up, not just slapping on some lip gloss, but foundation, powder, blush, the works, she actually had way too much make-up on. She then got out of the car and was wearing sweat pants with slippers and a dirty fleece jacket. Well at least she made an attempt to make her face look pretty, but why bother if the rest of you is gonna be so sloppy. Now, don't get me wrong, I really don't care most of the time what people wear. I know that people look at me with curious glances when I'm all dolled up in vintage, and I know how uncomfortable it makes me feel to get the dirty looks that people give. So, I just make it my own rule to not do this to other people. I may not approve of what some people wear out to dinner or to the theater or even the movies. But for a trip to Dunkin Donuts on a rainy and windy day, I would prefer not being dressed up. I myself was wearing sweat pants, a rain coat, and my rain boots that are supposed to look like frogs, googly eyes and all!:D But, I don't get this load the face with makeup as if on your way to a modeling session but still in my PJ's. Oh well, I don't get much about anything these days!! I don't dress vintage everyday. I do own lots of pairs of sweats. But, I reserve them for lounging around the house. If I have to run a quick errand I'm not gonna spend the time it takes to put on a girdle, fully fashionds, and a dress. It doesn't take long for me to do this, but why bother if I'm just gonna come home a short while later and take it off. So I throw a cute coat on over my sloppy outfit and I do what I need to do. If I were spending any time out of the house more than this, I would wear something nicer, either modern with a classic flare or vintage. Nowadays girls don't wear the foundation garments that they used to have to wear. So, getting dressed is so very easy. I can't wait for the warmer weather when I can just throw on a pretty cotton or linen dress even if I'm just running a quick errand. OK, my point is, I feel better about myself when I look a little nicer, and it doesn't take any more time for me to throw on a dress as it would to throw on a pair of sweat shorts and a too tight too short t-shirt. So, why not wear the dress??? Ugh! I've so gone on a tangent. I'm just so confused by how people dress. I'm not being critical, to each his own. But if the dresses are being made and sold everywhere, and every girl is well aware that a dress makes them look pretty, why do they insist on not putting one on!![huh] And why bother wasting all of that makeup if the rest of you looks crummy!! I'm really not trying to be critical or snobby, again, I have plenty of moments when I choose comfort over look, especially in this miserable weather. But I think that the way I dress says something to the world. What we wear is the first impression a stranger gets from us. Not that I care what stranges think of me, but I do like to make a nice impression. OK, you can tell by my off topic babbling that I am so incredibly confused. I know this has been talked about here on end. Sorry to bring it all up again, thanks for letting me rant on, and on, and on and on!!!:eek: :eek:
  6. I have been cultivating a pale skin look for a few years now after being a sun worshipper throughout my teens and early 20s. But after 2 years of no sunbathing and a long winter, I do look a bit like a vampire in photos atm with the flash and with my red lippy on. I'm starting to think I look a bit anaemic actually. So today I sat out in the lovely April sunshine (which is actually freakish and more like high summer here, but still not strong enough to burn) and sunned my back and front a bit, partly to see if it will help clear up some niggling skin complaints and partly for the vitamin D. I don't think it has given me much of a tan, but it may have taken away some of the (what I imagine to be!) unhealhty almost blueish tinge to my glowing white skin!
  7. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Yay! This paleface is glad. My legs are as light as two fluorescent tube lights, and I can finally be a less self-conscious of them.
  8. Pink Dahlia

    Pink Dahlia Call Me a Cab

    I haven't been tan since high school and I'm not about to run out there and get one now!
  9. TheKitschGoth

    TheKitschGoth A-List Customer

    I don't tan I burn, so I've always stayed very pale (honestly, being a goth has nothing to do with it lol) so I love the whole pale look. The only problem with pale is that it shows up any blemishes far more clearly, and wobbly bits tend to look more toned when they are tanned. :s
  10. Kimberly

    Kimberly Practically Family

    Daisy, I love your tangents so do them all you want. :D

    I too put on a vintage coat to sometimes hide my jeans and t-shirt look. I also throw on a hat to cover the hair and it's instant style. :D

    People go for comfort over style and I think many times women equate dresses with discomfort. Now that the cotton dresses are making a comeback, perhaps they will finally see the light.

    On another note I was at a bridal shower today and all of the women looked lovely (in a New York sort of way). Black was the in color and most wore pretty wool suits or jackets. I was very impressed and guess what! I wasn't the only woman with a hat!!! :eek:
  11. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I dont know about that...:rolleyes:

    Im tan year round. Darn thing wont wash off ;)

  12. I wouldn't mind being able to tan a *little* -- but unfortunately I'm doomed to be forever fish-belly-white. And somehow it doesnt look as good on me as it does on Ms. Johannsen. Given that we probably won't see the sun again till July, my only hope for getting a little healthy color would be to go to one of those spray-paint tanning places, the Earl Scheib's of the beauty biz.

    But yay for the Spring '40s Look! This marks, I think, the fourth time in my life I will be in tune with the trends.
  13. Kimberly

    Kimberly Practically Family

    I tan very easily. I will put on a 30 sunblock on the face and 15 for the body and still get color. The older I get the more sensitive I am to the sun and can only take so much of it.

    I wince when I think of the days I used to sit out by the pool with my girlfriends. We used to spary baby oil and iodine all over ourselves and bake. I was an 80's teen and the suntan was a must along with the big hair. ;)
  14. I was an 80's teen also and it was the early 80's when I finally decided to stop tanning, I have been very pale glow in the dark white ever since. However, I appreciate all of the colors of skin the world has to offer from beautiful ebony (my ex-beau falls into the black as night ebony, category) reddish brown, mocha, cafe a lait' all the way to the pale-ist white and everything in between.

  15. moustache

    moustache Practically Family

    She still looks good though.
    I liked her best in "Girl with the Pearl earring".

  16. Miss_Bella_Hell

    Miss_Bella_Hell My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I was excited for this Vogue to come out, so I went and flipped through the pictures and was a little disappointed. It's very much "2007 does 40s poolside glamour"; while that's nice to look at it isn't authentic the way we mean it around here. I wasn't moved to purchase the issue.
  17. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    I would agree. All the shots are super close up, so much so that you cant completly make out what she is wearing. She is working the glam, but thats about it. Also the 'washed out' color filter thing they did makes the images a bit over contrasted. But I guess thats what makes her look pale. :)

  18. Sunny

    Sunny One Too Many

    lol :eusa_clap Lady Day, I'm going to have people worried about the random giggles coming from my direction!

    I'm with KitschGoth about a little tan hiding blemishes for us 'palefaces,' though. Even after a blemish is officially "gone," there's a reddish-pinkish tinge below the surface that shows through, and it takes a month or two to fade. :rolleyes:
  19. epr25

    epr25 Practically Family

    I don't know about anyone else but I really don't like the idea of all the mindless fashion by the season floowers to start becoming interested in vintage. Vintage look is fine. But stay at the mall. The idea of a beautiful vintage item falling into the hands of someone that will just disgard it at the next fashion season change or treat it with out just respect makes me want to scream. I hate going to the thrift shops around halloween just for this very reason. I search all year and the one day around that time that the vintage stuff is put out it's pruchased y some irresponsible teen ager that will just end up getting frunk and puking on it. Frustration!

    Ok I am off my soap box now :D
  20. Ok...so we complain loudly about how little great style there is and how crappily people are dressed.

    Then a fashion asthetic closer to ours comes along, and instead of rejoicing that the masses may stop showing us their muffin top and whale tail....what do we do?

    We complain that they don't do it well enough or respect it enough.

    We honestly can't have it both ways folks.

    I personally laud the return to more classic designs, even if it's 'not accurate' or is a 2007 take on it. It's fashion, not reinactment. Somewhat silly to expect people who are following fashion, to think of it all the same exact way we do.

    Its at least -better- fashion.

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