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Custom Passport Replicas

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by Indy Magnoli, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. I just added a new page to my website featuring custom made vintage passports. The idea is that you give me your name, mug shot, and the places you think you've been (or those details of someone you'd like to see in a passport) and I slap it all together for you in one neat package:


    So far, these are the countries and eras I can reproduce:

    U.S. 1916 (green cover with single, folded sheet)
    U.S. 1930s-50s (dark red cover)
    U.S. 1960s-70s (grey/green cover)
    British 1930s-50s (blue cover with gold crest)
    British 1960s-70s (black cover with white crest)
    Nazi Germany 1930s-40s (plain brown cover)
    Australia 1930s-50s (blue cover, Commonwealth version)
    New Zealand 1930s-50s (blue cover, Dominion version)

    There are example images of most of the above versions on my site. Just click that link up above to take a peek.

    I've also collected/made visas for over thirty different countries so you've got a fairly good selection.

    They'll range from $75-85 depending on style and number of visas. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or ideas.

    Kind regards,
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  2. Say, those are swell! That is mighty fine work.

    Say, I really like your Avitar! Very period looking! I can't but see a vintage car back there. What is it?

  3. Thanks, the passports are a lot of fun to do, especially searching for and replicating all the visa stamps...

    As for the car, it's our '36 Ford V8 Deluxe:


    Kind regards,
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  4. WOW! That's a swell picture! I love it. Is it a 4 door or two?

    I have a friend here in California that has a 36 Ford 4 door. It's black and boy is it a honey of a stock original car. It even has the original radio with the hidden speaker in the head liner.

    Here's a photo of my 46 Plymouth. I drive it every day and I love it!

    See ya!
  5. Bogie1943

    Bogie1943 Practically Family

    Magnoli once again you amaze me my friend, well done. It's really amazing that you don't work in Cali. as a prop making, your talent and detail is incredible. Root, all I can say is, I want your car, one of these days, I am gonna get me something like that.
  6. Root, all I can say is, I want your car

    Yes, I agree that those docs are just as close to original as one can get! I'm thinking of sharing your gift with my living history friends. They are always trying to use original stuff, but when a good copy comes along they jump on that as well.

    Well Josh, if you're ever in the southern California area and you feel like going for a ride, you?¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢re more then welcome to take one! Offer stands for any and all Fedora Lounge members that can make it to Monrovia CA:)

  7. Bogie1943

    Bogie1943 Practically Family

    Root, I'll be seeing you....in September!:cool2:
  8. One word for it...


    Well done my friend. You have a gift.

  9. I'm a thinkin' 'bout it.
  10. Fine work my friend.
  11. exactly what are you thinking of Matt?
  12. Have you any plans for a Rhodesian one? 30's-40's?
  13. Hey Indy, it would be cool if you made a Simon Templer (The Saint, Roger Moore only) or Gangster ones like Al Capon etc.
  14. Thanks. I'm always willing to do custom work, whether it's a new passport or just filling one of mine in with new info. If you're interested in a specific commission job, feel free to e-mail or PM me with your request. I've found plenty of images of old Rhodesian passports, so doing one of those shouldn't prove to be too difficult. If you have any images you could e-mail me, the more the merrier...

    Kind regards,
  15. Very well, I see what I can scrounge up.
  16. You know, now that you mention it, I would like to have a few custom docs made. I would LOVE to have a good 1946 California Driver’s license and maybe a 1946 DMV registration in my glove box to have for car shows and what not. If you know what California drivers license or such DMV papers look like in the 40’s then I think that would be cool to have a fun set of authentic docs in my glove box and such.

  17. I've got copies of vintage drivers licenses from late 20s early 30s for various states, but not California. Let me see what I can turn up... if you find anything, let me know. I don't need much to work with. In the least, I can make something up based on other licenses, but I can't imagine it would be very difficult to turn up copies of the real thing.

    Kind regards,
  18. Just found a CA license from 1948! It only has the front side, but I'm chasing up the lead now...

    Kind regards,
  19. Mr. Sable

    Mr. Sable A-List Customer

    Sayyyy, can you make a Canadian passport, say... circa 2005? I may need it in a hurry, but I can pay big. ;)
  20. Where is that embarressed and paranoid emoticon when you need it? ;)

    Kind regards,

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