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Custom Shirts Arrived

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by LetterJ, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. LetterJ

    LetterJ New in Town

    In an effort to test out the "order custom tailored clothes from Thailand" route of getting clothes that fit, I ordered 3 new shirts a few weeks ago. I had planned that, if the shirts went well, I'd order my next suit tailored rather than trying to dig through the racks, only to choose between the 3 in my size. So, I ordered a variety of fabrics and patterns from http://www.mysuitshop.com. They're not necessarily vintage (as I'm still transitioning and researching the older look), but still very nice. They are willing to work from pictures or other garments, so as suggested in another thread, I will probably be buying donor clothing in smaller sizes and having them super size them for me.

    At any rate, they arrived today (a week earlier than I was expecting them) and I am thrilled. I'll probably make a few adjustments to the measurements I sent for the next batch, but they are fantastic, especially when compared with what $33 gets you in the department stores. I'm used to needing "loose" shirts to accomodate my build (i.e. to keep the buttons fastened near my belly), so I ordered these this way and they're a little more loose than I'd like. They're also longer than I'd like, but I think I made a typo (thereby adding 2 inches to the length of the body).

    What I ordered is below. I'll post pictures when they're ironed (being packed in a FedEx envelope and shipped over the Pacific wasn't too kind in the wrinkle category).

    Big and Tall Classics Shop (Cotton Shirts)
    · Qty/Price: 1 @ US$ 33
    · Style: (#9429)
    · Fabric: Pure Cotton Twill (#123)
    · Color: Dark Grey (cd)
    · Requests: Slightly Loose Shirt Fit, Placket Shirt Front, Single Side Pleat Back
    · Accessories: Removable collar stays (1 @ US$ 1)
    Big and Tall Classics Shop (Cotton Shirts)
    · Qty/Price: 1 @ US$ 33
    · Style: (#9429)
    · Fabric: Cotton Blend summer shirting in Diamond self pattern (#2068)
    · Color: Cream (f)
    · Requests: Placket Shirt Front, Single Side Pleat Back
    · Accessories: Removable collar stays (1 @ US$ 1)
    Premier Big and Tall Shop (Cotton Shirts)
    · Qty/Price: 1 @ US$ 45
    · Style: (#8898)
    · Fabric: Combed Cotton Twill Broadcloth (#1057)
    · Color: Wood (wood)
    · Requests: Placket Shirt Front, Single Side Pleat Back
    · Accessories: None
  2. Sounds good. can't wait to see some pics.

    I have recently been taking my off the rack shirts into the local tailor shop to get them more fitted. My problem is I find a shirt with a good looking collar... the collar and sleeve length kmay be correct, though the body is usually way to big for me on most brands, unless you buy an english made shirt off the peg. English shirts are usually more fitted.
  3. I have looked at that site a number of time for suits but have been a little leery of ordering because they seemed a little too good to be true. I'm happy to hear that their on the up and up. Have you check out the double breasted four button "Chicago Mob suit" they have? Pretty darn cool Jackson!
  4. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Wow...that Chicago Mob Suit IS swell! I want it! I'm gonna get my tailor measure me accurately before I order. But now the real question for you fellas out there: what material to get? I'm thinking "mob style" pinstipes, but maybe a herringbone? I dunno.......flat-top
  5. LetterJ

    LetterJ New in Town

    Still no pictures. I've been too lazy to iron. I'm obviously going to have to do it later today if I want to wear one of them to work tomorrow, ...

    Anyway, if you're debating fabrics, it'd probably be a good idea to order swatches. It's a little hard to find on the site, but for $12, you get 20 swatches of any of their fabrics http://www.mysuitshop.com/getswatches.php

    I had them send a card full with my shirt order and it really helps to be able to see even the small square you get under real lighting instead of on a monitor. It also helps get a better idea of things like sheen. The brown shirt I ordered is much shinier than I had expected.

    I also would recommend going the route I did for getting a shirt made first (to do a reality check on their interpretations of your measurements, etc.) If I had ordered a suit first, I might not be entirely happy with the fit due to how I ordered the first time.
  6. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    Would it be possible to forward to them photos of, say, Orvis products (or whatever), and say "I want this" and have them provide substantially similar, tailor-made products?
  7. LetterJ

    LetterJ New in Town

    Absolutely. Most of the pages listing designs have this at the bottom:

  8. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    So we could also send photos of Connery in Goldfinger or Bogey in Casablanca (Sydey Greenstreet?). :)
  9. I find it interesting that the 'Chicago suit' is just a still from an early 30's movie. It would be nice to see the real suit on a model. I think it would be good to have the movie still, and then have a photo of a model in the real suit.

    Any way, it's something I might think of doing some day.

  10. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    What is the difference between My.SuitShop.com and MyCustomTailor.com.

    Apparently MyCustomTailor.com has a greater selection of materials, but is there any difference in quality of workmanship or service?

    Is there any reason to prefer MyCustomTailor.com is the same material is available at either site?

    In particular, I note that Primier Overcoats on MySuitShop.com are for $330 whereas Exclusive Overcoats on MyCustomTailor.cm are for $440, yet both have the same material. What would I get for the extra $110 by shopping at MyCustomTailors?
  11. LetterJ

    LetterJ New in Town

    They're actually the same company. If you check the About Us pages, they are both Internet and Mail Order Co., Ltd.

    The biggest differences is their marketing. One of the sites offers "free" shipping and the other charges a percentage after the fact. After all is said and done, they're pretty much the same price. However, some people respond more readily to "free shipping" which is ALWAYS in the price somewhere (even if it's in the price of another product or in your next purchase).
  12. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    Yeah, I checked out the shipping charges.

    MyCustomTailor shipping is "free," while MySuitShop shipping is 25 percent.

    As applied, this means the total cost of the MySuitShop "$330" coat order is really $412.50; while the total cost of the "MyCustomtailor" coat is $410.
  13. Pyroxene

    Pyroxene One of the Regulars

    I like this approach. I am very very interested as I am looking into getting a Linen suit for the summer time.

    Thanks for the tip.

  14. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    Given the dropping dollar, it might not be such a bad idea to order your summer suit now.
  15. The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter A-List Customer

    Well, I've submitted my measurements and ordered a "Classic" shirt and "Classic" pair of pants (Their least expensive line) in order both to verfiy the measurements and to check out the quality of their service and workmanship.

    If all goes well, in about two weeks, I will have a good idea of what they're worth in return for an investment of $85.
  16. android

    android One of the Regulars

    I got my tux from mycustomtailor

    I got my tux from my mycustomtailor.com. I ordered the Deluxe $420 model with single button satin shawl lapels.

    I'm pretty impressed with the overall experience. The tux was nicely detailed with all the options I had picked including working cuff buttons ($15). The fit was much better than anything off the shelf I've owned and I don't think anyone else would account for my sloping shoulder build like they did. The material and tailoring quality was very nice.

    What I missed because it was on another page was a hand basted full canvas front which costs a whopping extra $35. Be sure to pick this if you want a really nice jacket.
  17. Pyroxene

    Pyroxene One of the Regulars

    Really? New, custom tux? I am getting anxious!

  18. flat-top

    flat-top My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Got my Chicago Mob Suit today!!! Very cool indeed! But it just proves one thing to me: I HATE the way modern pants fit! The pants were supposed to be "baggy" fit, and to some, maybe they would be, but not me! The jacket covers the top half of them anyway, but still! I wonder if MYSUITSHOP.com would make high waisted pants? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
  19. LetterJ

    LetterJ New in Town

    Absolutely. That's really the point of using them over off the rack as far as I'm concerned.

    When you filled out your measurements, what did you give as your "where you wear your pants" answer?
  20. Baggy fit.

    Well, you know I see jeans that claim to be baggy fit. They are not that baggy. I had to buy beyond baggy jeans for the room I wanted. I think today’s idea of baggy is that it’s not a tight fit. Not that they look like stove pipes as they did in the 30’s.

    The pants aren’t high waisted??? Man, that’s a bummer! Maybe we could see some photos of you in it?


    PS. Here is an idea! Send them this and see if they can make you one of these!

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