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Cute Vintage-y Shoes

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by LizzieMaine, May 8, 2006.

  1. Miss Moonlight

    Miss Moonlight A-List Customer

    Wow, no one has posted in here in some time.

    I am hoping to get some input on Re-Mix's pleated toe style. Wondering if anyone's worn them for a lot of walking, and what kind of comfort level they found? If anyone can give me some info based on their experience, please do. :)

    EDIT many weeks later:
    I ended up ordering the Re-Mix Corazon sandal. Beautiful shoe. However, the size was an issue; I'm a 6.5, and ordered the equivalent of a 7, thinking a little big is better than a little small, because one can adjust it with an insole, padding, etc. But the shoe was far too big around my toes, more like I'd ordered a full size up. The middle was too tight- a surprise considering my feet are narrrow. The heel area was too tall for my feet and dug into my malleoli. So back they went, and shipping is just too expensive to keeping trying until I get a pair that fits. Sadly, unless Re-Mix shows up at a vintage style fair and I can actually try them on, I don't think I'll own a pair of their shoes.
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  2. I'm in love we these fancy sandals from Royal Vintage - I had to share them with you!

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  3. AvavanBlythe

    AvavanBlythe Familiar Face

    While I lurk through this thread extensively, may I please have some assistance finding websites comparable to AmeriMark's designs? In the spoiler are examples that I really liked from them. Other sites I saw in shoe findings didn't have this specific 'flavor.' Currently, AM is out of everything I'd want.



  4. Sharpsburg

    Sharpsburg One of the Regulars

    The abovementioned Royal Vintage has absolutely drool worthy vintage shoes and are very highly thought of in reenacting circles. They are, however, VERY expensive. You decide if they are worth it.

    Re-mix shoes are a little more reasonable, but nowhere near AM prices. B.A.I.T. shoes has many cute vintage styles and are cheaper and have lots of shoes on sale most of the time. You could also try Zulily which often has "retro" shoes like bait, Chelsea, and rocket, no ideas about quality.

    Keep looking at ebay/etsy for reasonable things. You'll find something.

    Mary S.

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