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cutting the brim

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Vladimir Berkov, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Can you cut down the brim of a raw edged hat like an Akubra Federation to end up with a smaller brim? If so, is it something you can do at home or should it be done by a hat professional? And if you can do it at home, how exactly?
  2. It can be done...Levine's in St. Louis trimmed a 2¾" down to a 2½" for me with no problem. Any good hatter can do this for you. I'm to understand that you can also do this at home, but it requires a steadier hand and nerves than I possess! When in doubt, I think that you're always money ahead to hire a pro!
  3. I've done it lots of times. I use a pencil compass to mark it. Put some tailors chalk it rather than a pencil and then put the sharp pointed end next to the edge of the sweatband where it meets the brim, adjust it till you have it where you want it with just a touch over. (It's easier to take a little more off than to put it back on). Then just follow the sweatband as your guide all the way around the brim. Take a tape measure and measure it at various points along where you marked it to make sure you got it even. Then take some tailors scissors, if you don't have a pair buy some, regular paper scissors will cause you problems, then with a steady hand cut along your mark. then take some sand paper and run long the edge to smooth it out. If it scares you to do it, take to a hat shop, they have brim cutters and can do it in a few minutes. However don't let a novice try it, the brim cutters look easy to use watching someone experienced use them, but like all things its not so easy if you don't have experience. I know, I tried it and had to resort to the scissors to straighten it out.

    "But it looked so easy when I watched him do it." Famous last words.

  4. zeus36

    zeus36 A-List Customer

  5. You can buy one of those cutters that take either 1/8 or 1/4 off the brim. You just slip it on the brim, snap the cutter down and circle the hat. It follows the factory cut and works great. B and L Products sells them now. I bought one last year. Fedora
  6. I'm going to try it today. I'll let y'all know the results...the hat's 4 inch brimmed 5 X American Brand cowboy hat that I don't wear anymore. I already reblocked the brim from an Alpine or Cattleman's crease to a hi "C" teardrop. That was easier than I thought. Did not use steam,, I soak the crown in hot water, get the felt soaked through, then shape. I've burned my fingers too many times with steam.
  7. pointystuff

    pointystuff New in Town

    brim trimmer

    Is this firm (B and L) on the internet?
  8. Used the compass method...

    Trimmed about an inch off a four inch brim, and flattened it out with a slight dip to the front and rear. With the teardrop and the three inch brim it looks like a black unbound Stetson Dune or Akubra Cattleman now. Just saved about a hundred bucks on a new hat.
  9. I am not sure if they are on the internet or not. If you are interested, I can give you the contact info. They are a supplier for hatmakers as well as producing their own hats-I think. Fedora
  10. Glad they didn't sell.

    Just reblocked my other old American Hat Co. Cowboy Hat to a teardrop crown. Later when it dries I will be cutting the brim down to three inches using the compass and scissors method. I had them for sale several months ago, and no one was interested. I even stated at the time they would be good fedoras cut down from the four inch brim. This one I think I will put ventilation eyelets in the the crown.
  11. Bob...

    Glad to hear that you had success with this. I'd be interested to see some photos when the work is complete. I recently saw a Dobbs two-ounce on eBay that had vent holes in the crown. It's a nice look, but beyond my skill level to attempt.

    On the other side, I bought a Mallory on eBay awhile back that was described as "near mint." When I received it, I discovered that someone without your steady hand had trimmed the brim down - man, this guy MUST have been cross-eyed! The brim had some definite peaks and valleys in it and it absolutely refused to snap down in the front. There was no salvaging it, so I contacted the seller and got my money back. At least that went smoothly!
  12. I think I'll go to a Western Outfitter in north Houston that I do some business with. There is a specific tool that he uses to put the eyelets in the crown. As for the pictures, can't wait to post a bunch of stuff, but sadly I don't have a digital that works. Haven't been able to justify the $200 expenditure.
    But, be advised, photos are forthcoming...
  13. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Any hat store that's been around for a while will have a device called a Boston brim cutter . It will shave off 1/8" of the brim at a time . I picked up one on Ebay a while back for a few bucks (nobodoy else knew what it was) and all I have to do is change the blade once in a while . It works great .
  14. pointystuff

    pointystuff New in Town

    brim cutters

    Please let me know the contact info.
  15. I would also like to know that contact info, if it is not too much trouble.
  16. This was a Homburg that I ironed the brim flat on and then cut the brim down using the method I described previously. It's not that hard, if an old guy that can hardly see can do it, then anyone can.


  17. Fedoralover,

    WOW...nice job and a beautiful result!
  18. mosandel

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    Brim cutter info...

    Me too! I've cut 'em with Fiskar shears just fine but I'd love to have one of those cutters... -Mo
  19. mosandel

    mosandel New in Town

    Hey fedoralover,
    That used to be a Homburg! That's major surgery. Beautiful work! -Mo
  20. besdor

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    Brims cutters are hard to come by .The company that made them has been out of business for a while . They are available on the secondary market . There is a company called M&f western products in Texas that has some . But ,they aint cheap!!

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