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Darkening a leather jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Physicist, May 16, 2013.

  1. Physicist

    Physicist New in Town

    I've been researching threads here about conditioners and darkening. Most conditioners, it seems, will darken temporarily, as I would have expected. And I've seen one or two mentioned that do not darken.

    Well, I'm looking at an old jacket on eBay. And if I get it, I'd like to bring some "life" back into the leather and darken it.

    What conditioner do you recommend for "permanent" or "long term" darkening?

    Oh, it's front quarter horsehide. Here's a photo...


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  2. Russian? Welcome. Water based will be temporary. Those like Pecards will keep a darker look longer. Don't overdo it though. Ishmael mentioned something a while back. Mustang Cream or something. But only available overseas from what I saw. Some if the others will have other ideas. Good luck!
  3. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Hydrophane advertises a leather darkening oil in addition to its regular oil. I have tried it on a saddle that was splotchy with rain discoloration. I found it took several coats to make a difference.

    I think an alternative would be to give the jacket a treatment or two of Pecard conditioner. It will bring the leather back to life. Of course you will lose some of the patina, but the finish will come alive.

    Butte guessed Russian, but based upon your use of the English language in your post, I am saying the Georgia that is to the South of Tennessee. English, I think, is your native language (maybe not the Queen's English, but a close derivative). But if you are Russian, you will be the first in this section that I can remember.

    Wherever you are from, welcome to the Lounge--belatedly. PC.
  4. Spasibo. "Thank you" in Russian ;)
  5. Ishmael

    Ishmael Practically Family

    Mustang Paste. That's what I'm (very sparingly) using.
  6. eggleman

    eggleman One of the Regulars

    I'd second those who recommend Pecards.
    Just give a light coating , and personally I leave it to soak in as long as it takes ,
    rather than polishing it off the next day.
  7. Capesofwrath

    Capesofwrath Practically Family

    Don't think people from Georgia like to be thought of as Russian. They were at war with them a couple of years ago.

    I've used Hide Food on my jackets for decades, and used it on my leather car seats too. It was made by Connolly's who supplied Rolls Royce with leather and rejuvenated RR seats, or Connolised them, until they went bust a decade or so ago. The product is still made to the same formula by another company now.
  8. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    Horween suggest Pure Neats Foot oil for the best conditioning and darkening
  9. Interbak

    Interbak One of the Regulars

    Pecards works well, and they have one that is tinted brown that will darken a bit more. I have heard that Neats foot Oil can deteriorate cotton thread, but I have never seen it happen, and have no idea how long it would take to cause any damage, if at all.

  10. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    The pure stuff doesn't do any harm but boy does it work, it soaks in faster than anything ive ever seen! It's an animal product so it kinda makes sense it would work well on animal skin.
  11. Enough

    Enough One of the Regulars

    Fiebings professional leather dye will permanently change it's color and is available in many shades of brown along with other colors. I would delay dying it to see if you will learn to like the patina. A lot of people like a worn broken in look and once you dye it there is no going back.
  12. Physicist

    Physicist New in Town

    Thanks for the replies, gentlemen.

    I'm not a big fan of that "well worn" look. At least not a "real" worn look. I prefer jackets that look somewhat new.

    So, if I buy this jacket, I'll give it the once-over with Pecards.

    No, I'm not Russian. I'm Irish. But I'm NOT a ginger. Not even close!

    My ties to Russia are: the language, which I've studied at the university; a 7-week "vacation" in Moscow a couple years ago; and a few Russian-speaking girlfriends.
  13. Ah! I only know a little because both my father and son are completely fluent in Russian. He's planning a trip to Moscow and other areas as he's made friends there. St Petersburg I believe is his main destination. He's also a huge fan or Irish folk music. He's an old soul at 20. Welcome aboard. I use the "lightweight" forum view which shows ZERO user info. So I didn't see the Georgia tag. :)
  14. Highwaymanman

    Highwaymanman A-List Customer

    I've used Obenauf's LP on a bashed up Lewis Super Monza and a very worn in Schott 740N, both to great effect. It also does a bang up job on leather boots. Good enough that I am in no hurry to even try out any other leather preservative.
  15. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Never. Never never.
  16. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    OK, let's forget about the leather jacket for a while. Tell us about those Russian girlfriends!
  17. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    Take it up with Horween, but do tell me why the triple never.
  18. Physicist

    Physicist New in Town

    This is Irina from Volzhkiy. She's 42 now. 40 in the this pic. I dated her for two years.


    This is me with Tanya. She's 38 and from Minsk. We're at the top of the Eiffel Tower in this pic. I'm wearing a Cockpit A2.


    This is me with Elina. She's 34 and from Ekaterinburg. This is in the hotel lobby near Paris. My coat is a Burberry, made in England.


    Here's Olga, a 40 year old Ukrainian. She lives in Cleveland and is a US citizen. We're making plans to spend a week in Naples together in June.


    Here's Anna (on the right), a 42 year old Ukrainian who is living in Italy. She was a professional gymnast. She wants to meet me in Odessa in August.


    This is me and Janna. She's 42, from Russia, but now a dual citizen living in Las Vegas. I'm wearing a khaki Burberry, made in England.

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  19. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    YES. So much more interesting than the usual. Thanks.
  20. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    yep your definitely darker than the Russian brides.

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