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dating my thift store suit

Discussion in 'Suits' started by freakersea, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. hey guys, new to the forum and new to the practice of thrift store scrounging and seeking to dress like an adult. I have recently finished university and have decided its time to ditch the baggy jeans, skate shoes and tshirts and get some style. Im based in Australia however down south in Tasmania which means plenty of opportunity to wear a suit for at least half the year. Yesterday i found a 100% wool grey ( flannel?) suit at the salvation army for 20 dollars, even better was it is my size, paid the rent during university by doing bouncer work on the weekend so not small, a nightmare for a suit lover. I noticed thismorning that the salvation army price tag says 3 piece suit so going back today to see if they have the waistcoat anywhere. anyway here is some photos if anyone is able to give a rough idea of the age, if its vintage or something more modern, regardless i cant wait to wear it with my first pair of Allen Edmonds coming from the US right now!



  2. Hey Freaker welcome! Are the pants pleated? John
  3. Gene

    Gene Practically Family

    1980's-90's I'd venture
  4. yes the pants are pleated
  5. Gin&Tonics

    Gin&Tonics Practically Family

    Hey, welcome! There are some threads on here about how to read union labels for dating purposes if the suit has one, so that might help you out some. From what I can see, the suit looks fairly modern, so 80's-90's is probably about right. I hope you're able to get the waistcoat to go with it; three piece suits look very sharp. Currently on the hunt for a new one myself.

    Welcome to FL and the world of dressing in style ;)
  6. unfortunately the waistcoat couldnt be found, ahwell im still happy with the suit!
  7. Batiste is the fabric style, which may be made in may fibers. What else does your garment tell you? Who made it in what country?
    Nice suit.
    Good fortune for finding the vest. Unlikely, but an odd vest or other options exist, and a three-piece may be worn without the vest. They are often separated as are pants and jackets at thrift. All is not lost. just wear it. It should shimmer and stand out in the light.
    Good evening, gentlemen.
  8. ok went hunting for tags, there was a patch on the inside of the pants which says Imperial, aswell as another with the size and saying 100% wool, also in the jacket is another tag which -says made in australia, style : Mood, 2PC- guess it wasnt a 3pce afterall, 100% Wool, 0203 5A8JP Special and the size is titled stout haha
  9. on an extra note, couldnt figure out why the pants said a 40inch waist ( my size) but were waaaay too large around the waist then i noticed this



    thats a fairly considerable sized insert of extra fabric someones, someone certainly wanted to hold onto this suit and got quite large before giving up on it, time fix it back to how it should be and cherish it just as much, i know its not a 30's or 40's suit but gotta work my way back from somewhere
  10. Gin&Tonics

    Gin&Tonics Practically Family

    You should put together an ensemble with this suit and show us the pics of you wearing it! Sounds like a very decent starter suit by all accounts.
  11. I agree with everyone else early 1990's; looking at the pleated slacks and the lapels. Should be a nice start!--John
  12. ok had a little play around thisevning, pants havent been fixed yet so thought id do a top shot with a shirt and tie i also managed to thrift store find, i reckon if i did my hair bit better and had a white pocket square itd be getting kinda close to a 60's mad men look, im thinking a walnut coloured pair of shoes would look mighty good with this grey/blue and walnut combination i think it would work

  13. Gin&Tonics

    Gin&Tonics Practically Family

    Very smart! I like that tie. Now you just need a nice fedora and you're set!
  14. drownman

    drownman New in Town

    And a pocket square!
  15. Dapper Dave

    Dapper Dave Familiar Face

    The way I date my clothes is by the Union Made patch on the interior pocket. Each patch has a serial number. I look them up online and it gives you and time period to which the suit could have been made.

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