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Deadstock 30s-40s ties from france

Discussion in 'Vintage Finds and Deals' started by Flat Foot Floey, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I was just asked by Mr French Can Can if I would be interested in buying a deadstock lot of 30s ties from france. I can't afford them right now so I think somebody else here in the Lounge would like them.


    He will keep two of them so the pack will be 150$ (about 110 euros) for 16 deadstock ties, plus shipping.

    Just send him a mail
  2. 8 Euro (US$10) is pretty expensive for a tie … even for deadstock. You can go to flea markets and buy them all for 10 Euro, max.

  3. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    [huh]Maybe. Depending on where you live...and if the sellers know what they are selling. But if you look on Ebay UK it is the standard price for single ties and in german shops (specialised in vintage) it is too.

    It took me long to find some ties on fleamarkets here where I live. When I find them they are dirt cheap. That's true.
  4. Flo is right. All the vintage shops here in Berlin will easily try to charge you 30€ for a vintage tie without missing a beat. And they are few and far between. Thrift shops and flea markets here usually only hold hideous 70's polyester atrocities.

  5. skyvue

    skyvue Call Me a Cab

    Sounds like a great price to me. I'm pinching pennies these due to taxes owed, but any other time I'd be all over that deal, pending a peek at all the ties.
  6. I've never come across I tie I'd be caught dead in for $10. I keep looking for these deals, never seem to find them though apparently they're "everywhere"!
  7. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Sitting here in London, I think those prices are acceptable. Not great, but acceptable. Vintage dealers in London often charge £15 to £20 for a good condition Tootal tie. Down in Brighton they would try to get away for almost the same prices for a poor condition Tootal.
    Even in Glasgow, where dealers suggest there is very little market for good mid-20th Century vintage, nice old ties can be £10 (the days of drunks selling off piles of old clothing at Paddy's market are long gone).
    The UK seems to be filled with people who think they are vintage dealers and that they can charge the top prices they have seen on the internet.
    So to me, the 8 Euro price per tie, isn't too bad.
    But don't tempt me - I don't need any more ties.
    (And remember - even if an old tie is in poor condition, no one will see more than a few inches if you are wearing a waistcoat)
  8. I usually spend between $20 and $30 on 1920s -30s ties from an American website, so $9 a tie doesn't sound a lot to me... that's why i bought this batch !
    thanks for the link FFF.

    i have never found a decent tie at a flea market. Baron you must know some flea markets i don't.
  9. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    Well done. I look forward to seeing full photographs (including close ups of labels and patterns, if possible).
  10. TT, i never usually post on the tie threads, but as these are French (and i don't think i own any French ties so far) i'll make an exception.
    i will also sell any i'm not keen on on the bay, with a considerable mark-up obviously. ;)
  11. Really? That surprises me. The last batch of French ties I bought was at that Hammersmith fair. because I bought them all, he gave me them for 32.50 each. Some of them are really lovely. All in good condition, just some are not really the most interesting patterns.

    You once put forward a theory that I somehow attracted vintage goods to the shops I frequented. The East End (across the Lea Valley) was packed with stuff before I moved there. Every charity shop I went into had great ties. I've also had great luck in the North. Nottingham was full to bursting with good 30s stuff and great prices. Just lucky, I guess … [huh] I find that the smaller vintage fairs in London are the best places for people who don't know what they've got.

  12. That should, of course, read £2.50 each. Damn keyboard. Damn blockade of Editing!!

  13. Two Types

    Two Types I'll Lock Up

    It would be good if you were to post on the tie thread. Especially since, as you mentioned previously, you are buying twenties ties. The 'Show us your ties' thread is a fantastic resource for forties and fifties silk ties, but there are far too few earlier ties posted on there (and even though I doubt if many people are interested, I like to keep posting pics of relatively dull 1950s British ties - even if just to remind the world that the 'golden age' in the UK is more about smog than Californian sunshine - if you know what I mean).
    With so few colour pictures of twenties ties, it would be good to see as many as possible on the thread.
  14. i have to admit i've virtually given up with Hammersmith fair due to poor results. you just have the lucky finders gene Baron. i don't.
    but you probably put in loads more legwork than me, and have easier access to London (not at the present obviously). i don't commute to London anymore so looking around vintage shops in my lunch hour has disappeared.
    also, since i started making clothes the pressure to find originals has fallen away massively.
  15. I live roughly 3000 miles from Hammersmith Fair. Any deals on ties would be overcome by airfare and hotel expenses....
  16. Umph! Don't push it too far my good man, don't push it too far!
    This really appears to be the most outragous and downplaying assertion I've heard in a long time, considering some of the stuff in your collection... ;)
  17. Flat Foot Floey

    Flat Foot Floey My Mail is Forwarded Here

    :eusa_clap Good catch HBK.

    I am certain you made a good deal. Finding deadstock (!) ties like this would require a lot of time and legwork. I don't think they pop up on every other fleamarket. I just own 5 german ties I really found out there.

    On american Ebay and Etsy I bought some cheap sets...usually 4 or 5 ties for 15$ plus shipping. But many of them were damaged/stained and it is kinda annoying to hoard a lot of unwearable stuff.

    But Mario is right about your luck in general. ;)
    Were the beltback suits recent finds or do you already own them a long time?
  18. no really, nearly all of my stuff has come from paying lots of money for it on ebay. nothing lucky about that. i have very poor luck when it comes to vintage shopping in the real world. Baron just walks into a charity shop and the suits start falling on him (i'm exaggerating slightly here).

    remember my favourite suit...?


    ... the owner of the shop actually rang me up and said 'there's a suit here i think you'll like'. had she not done that i probably would have missed it.

    anyway, back to ties. i'll drop a note on here if i decide to put any on ebay.
  19. those last two i posted on the 30s suits thread were bought 4 and 5 years ago... off ebay.
  20. Not too much exaggerating, actually. My last buy from Hammersmith was a 1935 light brown (!) British (!) suit owned by a diplomat. Amazingly soft fabric. Whole pile of 30s fedoras from there, too.

    I do seem to be lucky, though (from Aberdeen, to the States, to London), but you're right, my job allows me to wander the streets seeking vintage essentially whenever I wish. That helps. Hong Kong sucks - no second hand clothing. There's just ZERO demand.


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