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Deco Deliveries

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by HoosierDaddy, Jan 26, 2016.

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    It is a little sad but, that's progress, partner!

    Or is it? Look at the neighborhood beyond the almost empty lot. How'd you like to grow up in a place like that? Some cities still have neighborhoods like that but some have been razed in the name of urban renewal, replaced by really nice places that the former residents can't afford.

    Some buildings, that is, the building fronts, have been covered to modernize the appearance. It's hard to say if that's good or bad. Some are probably good and some are probably bad. I see a fair number of buildings that are definitely 50's modern (meaning built after WWII anyway), including buildings erected on into the 1970s, that have a certain charm, at least to me. They're all small, usually no more than three or four stories, sometimes with interesting details, and sometimes not in the best of shape, either. And some are downtown in the big city. I can't easily say why I find such places to be interesting, but perhaps it's nothing more than the sight of a modest (not huge) building that looks trim, efficient and modern. But it's not a professional park, it's just a single building. It's an office building of some sort, possibly professional offices. It certainly doesn't remind me of anything from my childhood, though, for there were no such buildings in my hometown, and it's like no building I've ever worked in.
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  2. There's an excellent book by urban historian Bruce Kucklick about that neighborhood in Philadelphia, and what the ballpark had meant to it over the sixty-odd years that it stood there -- it was the primary economic engine of that particular bit of North Philly, but when the Athletics left town leaving just the Phillies behind, that economy slowed by half. And then "demographic changes" started to scare people away, and the neighborhood deteriorated, the Phillies started demanding a better place to play -- and one thing led to another.

    The park was torn down in 1976, and that lot remained vacant for the better part of twenty years as a dumping ground for the few remaining neighborhood residents. And then a big church went up on the lot, and if you go there now you'd never know there was ever a ballpark on that site, because the church is now the center of the neighborhood and the ballpark is just something old people reminisce about once in a while. Eventually, when that generation is gone, even the memory of it will fade away.
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  3. Very fitting for what Susan Sarandon's character said in "Bull Durham" about "The Church of Baseball."
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    I imagine the baseball clubs wanted better places to practice their business when their market changed. Baseball is for well-off people these days and there is no hometown loyalty.
  5. The A's leaving Philadelphia is actually one of the dirtiest bits of business ever seen in professional sports -- it was arranged by the Yankees, who owned rights to the Kansas City territory, and arranged for the man who owned the land on which Yankee Stadium stood to buy the club and move it to KC, where it would serve as a de facto major-league level farm club for the Yankees. A local group of Philadelphia businessmen wanted to buy the team, and the Mack family wanted to sell it to them, but the Yankees had a plan, and it was not to be frustrated. Sleazy, sleazy, dirty business.
  6. Worse than the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn?

    It really is only for the well-off or when a ticket somehow flutters down free or at a reasonable price to us regular people (happened to me once last season - fun day - no such luck, so far, this year). It seems minor league is where a normal person goes today to get baseball as it once felt (and cost, on a relative basis).
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  7. That's the saddest dang thing I've heard today. :(

  8. I think I'd have to say they're both equally immoral -- but a case could be made that what was done with the A's was also *illegal* with all the conflicts of interest and such. Yeah, yeah, antitrust exemption blah blah blah -- but the constitution of the American League at the time did not allow ownership of one club to have direct business ties with another, and both League President Harridge and Commissioner Do Nothing Frick did nothing to stop it. Charlie Finley wasn't exactly Mr. Morality in his own business dealings, and he screwed over the people of KC pretty bad when he took the team on to Oakland -- but at least he put a stop to the Yankee nonsense.

    I'll be at Fenway myself, by the way, on Sunday with a couple of The Kids. Three tickets in Section One in the right field corner came to over $120, and that's buying from the Sox themselves, not a scalper. Ridiculous.
  9. Having lived in both cities, Fenway is expensive / Yankee stadium is insane. That said, three tickets $120 isn't bad at all in our modern over-priced world. Have fun.

    Have you gone to any Sea Dogs game? I've read it's a fun experience, decent baseball and reasonably priced.
  10. Believe it or not, I haven't -- I've always meant to, but somehow have never quite gotten around to it. I've driven by the park any number of times, but have never been there when there was actually a game going on. Eventually, though.

    I have a strong suspicion that I will tomorrow be seated behind a pole, but hey, that's half the Fenway experience.
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  11. 20374279_10155068804129737_8894273753329205880_n.jpg

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  12. On our to-do list, my girlfriend and I want to plan a vacation in Maine that includes a Sea Dogs game. Have fun at Fenway today.
  13. Just got home. Pitching absolutely fell apart in the 7th, but the rest of the day was a lot of fun. And yes, indeed, I did sit behind a pole.
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  14. Sort of Deco....[​IMG]

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  15. Even if not so much (maybe a touch), all is forgiven because of your prior awesome post of that incredible deco wine delivery truck.

    And heck, deco or not, it's a neat shot of a delivery truck especially with its back ramps down like tentacles reaching out.
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  16. [​IMG]

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  17. ⇧ those last two truck are insane. Whether or not they are your cup of tea (they are mine), it seems that design had its moment then as rarely (if ever) do I see basic delivery trucks today with anywhere near that thoughtful a design. The best you get today is a company's coordinated paint and signage on a generic truck.
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    There's nothing better than Oscar Mayer ice.
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