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Discussion in 'The Display Case' started by green papaya, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. 1890's era

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  2. turn of the century 1900 - 1910

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  3. 1920's 1930's

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  4. 1940's or later

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  1. mystery solved, thanks!
  2. btt
  3. No serial # ?

    Probably be hard to date without one.
    Does it work? Can you actually lock up your valuables inside?
  4. seriel numbers?

    the seriel numbers must have worn away?

    I also searched for DIAMOND MFG. CO KANSAS CITY MO
    and it must have gone out of business years ago, because it doesnt exist anymore.

    this is the part that goes in a floor safe, it's not the safe itself, this is like a safety deposit box that slides down into a floor safe and gets locked inside, it makes it easier to get your valuables by lifting this piece out by the carry handle located at the top.

    this item probably came from some old business that was torn down

    it may also be from the Railroad business? because I noticed the seller had some old tools and lanterns used by railroad workers
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Mike in Seattle My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A locksmith or a safe store might be able to give you some leads - they usually know when one company got taken over by some other company or conglomerate and may be able to point you to the new company, or might even know the age of the safe themselves.
  6. Serial Hero

    Serial Hero A-List Customer

    Have you tried calling this place?


    I don't know if it's the same company or not, but they sell similar products, and they're from Kansas City.
  7. I called them and they said they never made a brass safe like I described, so it must of been made by a different maker with a similiar name.
  8. or the numbers were ground off after a heist?

    Who did ye talk to at the company? I have too much experience of talking to reception flunkies that don't actually know anything to believe what i'm told on the phone. Of course if you made sure to talk to somone who'd know, my point is moot.

    Nice safe, anyway ...

  9. it's a fare box

    I figured out what this thing was originally used for, it's an old fare box the brass pin hanging on the chain is used for holding the trap door open so the money can fall inside, this piece was most likely used by the rail road for depositing the fare from the train passengers, or possibly fare for the ferry boat or something like that.

    since the seller was also selling old rail road related items like lanterns, tools, etc. Im pretty sure this was used by the old rail road / passenger trains for fare
  10. Serial Hero

    Serial Hero A-List Customer

    Maybe you should try calling them again. See if you could talk with someone else, maybe send them the photos. Same company name, same city, same product. Their web site said they have been manufacturing fare boxes since the 40's.
  11. feltfan

    feltfan My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Green Papaya, I see you are on the "west coast USA".

    If you are near Mountain View, CA, you should head down
    to Castro Street. There is a modest but memorable museum
    of old safes and locks next to the old locksmith shop.
    The guy who runs that place can probably tell you more
    than you want to know. And it is well worth the visit
    (especially since it's free).
  12. I emailed some photos and he said it is a farebox, money vault and that they are still making them

    he didnt say when it was manufactured

  13. Serial Hero

    Serial Hero A-List Customer

    Another mystery solved (for the most part). It has to be ’47 or later. Still a great piece, even if it’s not as old as you thought.
  14. here is what Ive been using it for:

    I collect WWI - WWII militaria and Ive been using it as a helmet display stand for this US model 1917A1 helmet

    it looks kind of like an old artilley shell piece lol
  15. Serial Hero

    Serial Hero A-List Customer

    I like it:eusa_clap

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