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"Detectives Guide to Wearing Fedoras on the Case"

Discussion in 'Hats' started by The Good, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. The Detective's Guide to Wearing Men's Fedora Hats on the Case:


    I found this while randomly searching up on Google "do detectives wear fedoras," which I'm sure quite a number still do, even though it is no longer mainstream in that line of work by any means. Anyway, neat little guide to wearing fedora hats, and this actually dates from today, April 1.

    I'm wondering, if any of you are actual detectives, how many of you frequently (or even occasionally) wear one off to work?
  2. Well, I'm not a police detective, but as a private investigator, I seldom ever wear one while working. That's because generally, I'm trying to blend in, and let's face it: fedoras don't help you blend in.

    When I first started PI work, I wore one even less often, because I didn't want to be confused as some kid who was merely a wannabe (I was nineteen when I started training as a PI). Only my supervisor/mentor and fellow investigators saw me wear a fedora to our meetings. By then, the knew I was serious about the work, and liked that I wore fedoras, as they fit my personality.

    I'm currently working as a security officer at a university police department, and while I wear a fedora into work most mornings, a fedora isn't in the SOP's (standard operating procedures) for my uniform, so alas, the fedora goes in my locker, and a standard black baseball cap comes out. That is until I go home.

    Thanks for posting that article by the way, JB!
  3. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    I think the noble Mr Palidin would have a good answer to your question.;)
  4. the few detectives i know , i'm afraid to say dont wear fedora's, or any hat for that matter, save the odd unformed country cop that is going about his duty while wearing his issued country clobber hat[aussie western type of hat] (which raises the question if they are Akubra's or not? in Oz that is)..

    thats not to say the detectives (that i know) arnt a vain, self admiring lot;) , some of them i know wear Amarni suits (as do I when the time is right) but they havnt considered wearing fedora's yet! perhaps they prefer the 'Miami Vice' look more than the 'Dick Tracey' theme :D
  5. I believe Torpedo, a police detective, wears a fedora or other classic hat every day.

    One consideration would be whether you are referring to police detectives or private investigators. As said, a fedora would not work for a private investigator. In the past a fedora would blend into a crowd, hence the steriotype's origin. But today a fedora would just stick out. A police detective could probably get away with a fedora. At least in the UK where police inspectors usually wear suits, I could imagine a fedora being acceptable (when outdoors), even if not normal by any means.
  6. Homicide detectives on the Atlanta police force wear fedoras that are given to them for solving their first murder case. You see them on the evening news when they give a shot of a crime scene. Known as the Hat Squad. Most of them buy other hats & keep the original in a place of honor.
  7. Speedbird

    Speedbird A-List Customer

    That's a really good tradition ^^^^ ... not for victim obviously, but you know what I mean....
  8. yeah, but the sad thing is that fedora's have to given out! and that they are given out in such quantities ;)

    within the ranks though i guess its cute, kinda like (not really) the aussie cricket team earning their green baggy
  9. Dewhurst

    Dewhurst Practically Family

    I didn't know this. Very interesting.

  10. "I'd die for a hat like that" will never have the same meaning........
  11. Speedbird

    Speedbird A-List Customer

    Ok, I know I am in England and all, but those photos are sooooo Hollywood ... and I do know real life out Hollywood's even Hollywood occasionally.....

    but this is an April Fool's from yesterday right? [huh] [huh] [huh]
  12. TomS

    TomS One Too Many

    The first Chief of Police I worked for more than 25 years ago wore a hat to work everyday. He had been a homicide detective in NYC, and he picked-up the habit there. I also know a few investigators that wear them from time to time.
  13. I am not noble, but I did spend some time in the detective division last year. During that time I wore a fedora everyday and it was a big hit.:D
  14. metropd

    metropd One Too Many

    Thats great! Did you wear a suit also? I know Florida is very hot and humid.
  15. I did but as the afternoon came I had to lose the coat but kept the tie. If I had vests it would have been perfect.
  16. No it is for real. Atlanta has big time crime / violence problems so these guys aren't playing around.
  17. Aureliano

    Aureliano I'll Lock Up

    what?[huh] I did not get a single thing.
  18. mikey517

    mikey517 New in Town

    I was a Detective and Detective Supervisor from 1983 until I retired in 2001. Never wore a fedora, but always wore suits and ties. Wish I had gotten into fedoras back then. When I became a Sergeant, I made sure my guys responded to any call out in a jacket & tie, regardless of the hour.
    An old retired NYPD Detective came to turn over his weapons for disposal one day, so we brought him into the bureau to do the paperwork. He paid us a real compliment; said it was good to see Detectives dressed like Detectives, not like yuppies going to play golf. Guess he didn't like "casual" dress!

    I like the Atlanta tradition. In 1981, while assigned to an undercover narcotics task force, our tradition was that when each new Detective made his first undercover "buy", he bought a surf & turf spread for the rest of the unit.
    I liked that one......

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