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Differences between Tanker, Ricky, Gabardine and Ike jackets

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by FedoraFan112390, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. FedoraFan112390

    FedoraFan112390 Practically Family

    I asked someone else about this and they were very helpful but I'd just like second opinions.
    What were the differences between a Tanker Jacket, a "Ricky" Jacket, an Ike Jacket, and a Gabardine jacket?
    Was a "Gabardine" jacket just a catch all for a jacket made with Gabardine (IE The way a "leather jacket" is just a catch all for all leather jackets regardless of styling) or was it the name for a specific style of jacket?

    Also, what were some other POST WWII (1945 to say the mid 70s) popular types of jackets and outerwear?
  2. Dinerman

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  3. Fifty150

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  4. FedoraFan112390

    FedoraFan112390 Practically Family

    Where could I find a Ricky Jacket like this?

    Where could I find a Ricky Jacket like this--with the same sort of cut and wide collar--new? Do any clothing lines make Ricky Jackets anymore or would I simply have to get an old one off of Ebay?
  5. Dinerman

    Dinerman Super Moderator Bartender

    Going by the tags on the one in that photo, you could always try: this or this
  6. Foster

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    As a supplement:

    Ike jackets are fine woven wool with cotton twill lining (or rayon/acetate lining in 1950's production ones), closed with buttons.

    Tanker jackets are a cotton twill shell with blanket wool lining and wool knit cuffs, collar, and waistband, and are closed with a zipper.
  7. Graemsay

    Graemsay Practically Family

    Aero had a fantastic one-off two-tone suede Ricky in their sales section a while back.


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