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Dita Von Teese

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by absynth, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. Just to let anyone who likes Dita know, she is on the cover of one of the magazines that is out right now. I bought it last night and for the life of me I can't remember what ithe name of the magazine is. She is wearing a beautiful burgundy velvet dress and looks amazing. She also has her nails painted in the 40's style with the nice rich red that leaves the moons on her nails unpainted, it looks really nice. It says on the cover that it will talk about her fashion and lipstick etc, bought it doesn't really which was so annoying :rage: I really wanted to know what she uses!
  2. I checked her website and it lists her recent magazine appearances as:

    Flare Magazine (Canada) (Nov 2006)
    In Style (UK) (Sept 2006)
    Elle Magazine (Sept 2006)
  3. manton

    manton A-List Customer

    She's also on the cover of the current UK edition of Esquire. I only know that because there's a piece in it about me. Honest!
  4. ~landgirl~

    ~landgirl~ A-List Customer

    I love Dita! Has anyone read her book? It is excellent - I thought it would all be about her, but was pleasantly suprised by all of the informative tips she gives!

    And I will certainly look out for Esquire! - and for the piece about you Manton!
  5. Lola Valentine

    Lola Valentine One of the Regulars

    Apparently, Dita uses Ruby Woo lipstick, which is made by MAC. x
  6. fleur

    fleur One of the Regulars

    Dita was a guest editor on the current issue of Scarlet magazine here in UK which might be of use.
  7. Yes but Scarlet's a bit pants, Fleur! I hope Dita gave it more of a classy touch in her issue - it really is too vulgar for my taste!

    Speaking of Dita, we're going to see her on the 18th :D
  8. fleur

    fleur One of the Regulars

    Yeah you are right it is a bit pants but it had lots of nice stuff in it for me to try and show hubby what he might like to purchase for me for xmas :D

    To be perfectly honest with you it printed snippets out of her book for quotes which was a bit disappointing!

    Wish I could persuade my other half to go on the 18th but he wont :rage:
  9. CanadaDoll

    CanadaDoll Practically Family

    I have her book too! I loooove the photos, she uses, I think they are so pretty. I wish I could go see a show, GOK be sure to tell us all about it.

    Now if I ever had a motivator to work out more and wear vintage, she's it, she always looks so classy, and mysterious. I even use the same lipstick:D although I didn't know till just now that she uses it.

  10. It would have been the Flare one then because it was Canadian. Thanks:)
  11. Idle guy musing

    Miss von Teese might solve her problem of being "a bit pants" by eschewing said garment entirely...:rolleyes:

    But that's just one man's opinion.
  12. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award

    *ahem* said the bartender as she raised an angry eyebrow
  13. SaraBell

    SaraBell Familiar Face

    ooh, yay! I'm off to buy Elle then!
  14. "Hmph!" said Fletch as he drained his bourbon and skulked off, leaving Lauren a precarious, teetering stack of 1943 zinc pennies as gratuity. :whistling
  15. Lauren

    Lauren Distinguished Service Award


  16. Thanks for taking that in the spirit, Lauren.
    Then again, I haven't checked the market values on zinc pennies lately...
  17. CanadaDoll

    CanadaDoll Practically Family

    lol Hah Cheeky!

    Dita does eschew most of her garments, so why complain about the few she keeps Fletch?lol
  18. Because she can't be MINE!!!1!! :mad: :cry:
  19. CanadaDoll

    CanadaDoll Practically Family

    Awww poor you.:(
  20. I suppose I'll get over it...Say, do you think those "moons" on her nails are up top, or down below? :rolleyes:

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