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Diving for Stukas

Discussion in 'WWII' started by Story, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Story

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    Greek Divers Lift WWII Bomber Wreckage

    ATHENS, Greece (Oct. 6) - Greek military divers Friday successfully raised the wreckage of a German World War II Stuka bomber from the sea off the eastern island of Rhodes, the air force said.

    The Junkers-87 dive-bomber was shot down in 1943 and will be conserved and displayed at the air force museum at an airport near Athens, air force spokesman Col. Ioannis Papageorgiou said.

    Papageorgiou said there was no trace of the two airmen's bodies.

    "The plane was raised a couple of hours ago, and I don't know yet whether there are any remains inside," he told The Associated Press.

    He said part of the plane's tail section appeared to be missing.

    The two-seater's wreckage was located two years ago by a trawler, which caught it in its nets seven miles offshore at a depth of 492 feet, and dragged it close to the island's southern coast.

    Air force experts believe the plane was part of a Luftwaffe squadron operating from Rhodes that lost several Stukas to allied ships and aircraft on Oct. 9, 1943.

    "Once we locate the serial number, we will be able to identify the plane, what squadron it belonged to and the crew," Papageorgiou said.

    Fitted with a screaming siren for maximum psychological effect, the gull-winged, single-engine Stuka was a feared symbol of Nazi military power.

    Used in action in the Spanish Civil War, it played a major role in the German invasions of Poland and France, but was outdated and severely outgunned by allied fighters by 1943.

    Out of some 6,000 aircraft produced between 1936 and 1944, only two survive intact in museums, while the wrecks of three more Stukas have been salvaged.

    10/06/06 14:56 EDT
  2. Windsock

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    I'll bet towing it in a net really helped its condition...:rolleyes:
  3. Twitch

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    Yeah, I don't think there's a whole lot of Ju-87s, just considering, on display anywhere either.
  4. Story

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    Updates on German aircraft recovery

    A Greek Air Force webpage on the recovery effort, with photos

    And, from two days ago -


    A Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-2/3 was recovered from a watery grave near Bergemn, Norway, today where it has been hidden from humans eyes since 1943.

    The aircraft is in a remarkably good state, considering the time it has spent in salt water. Markings and colours are still visible, as may be seen here:


    The aircraft is a Fw 190A-2 we believe, but final confirmation of the identity is still pending. It was attached to 12./JG 5 when it ditched in late 1943, the pilot was rescued by Norwegians and in return a Norwegian captive was released.

    The aircraft was marked Yellow 16 at the time of its emergency landing, but there are evidence of at leat two former identities below this marking (one being Black 6) and we are currently trying to find out more about this aircraft's operational career.

    The most interesting discovery are the two emblems carried by the aircraft, one of which has never been documented on any aircraft before and is one associated with 12. Staffel in 1943/44.

    A tentative profile of this aircraft may be seen below (one detail not included yet are the lack of exhaust flaps, something which surprised me):
  5. Very interesting! I'd love to see some one restore one of these guys and get it back into the air! It would take a lot of work and money but, OH BOY IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!!!

  6. Twitch

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    Here is a Kawanishi N1K1 being brought up in the Paicfic
  7. Story

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  8. I think it is amazing, that out of a total of 6000 planes only 5 survive.
  9. Story

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  10. Looks in VGC considering.
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  12. Story

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    The remains of a British World War II aircraft known as “Whispering Death” have been rediscovered in Italy by a group of amateur researchers.

    Consisting of parts of the fuselage and the propeller, the remains were actually found years ago in the small village of Gusano, in the Apennines mountains south of Piacenza, by aviation war enthusiast Francesco Lazzarelli. Nearly forgotten, they were recently rediscovered by another amateur researcher, Cristiano Maggi.

  13. Story

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  14. rocketeer

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    Thanks for posting these features.
    They remind me of those P38s and B17 found under the ice. Cant remember where, Arctic or Antarctic?
  15. rocketeer

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